Spy x Family season 1 episode 17 recap & review

The seventeenth episode of Spy x Family sees Anya trying to get along with Damian by helping him during the art and craft class. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Becky greets Anya at school and tells her about a romantic drama on TV. Anya, though, couldn’t understand her love for this show as she is more into cartoons and anime.

Becky feels that Anya is still a kid at heart, who is not that mature enough, and continues to dream about the handsome man from that show.

Anya, on her side, kept plotting a way to get close to Damian. The last time around, she had tried to do that using her dog, but she didn’t have a name for him and Damian straight dismissed her.

Now, she has a name for her dog, as well as a family picture with him in it. She throws the picture on the ground to lure Damian in, but he and his friends ignore her, as they were more worried about the exams.

Becky notices the picture and is flattered by Twilight’s looks. She keeps the picture for herself while Anya chases her to retrieve it.

The art class begins, and the students are assigned to make a 3D project out of the materials they have been provided with. They are divided into groups to work together.

Anya ends up being in Damian’s group and seeks to grow close to him so that she can get a chance to visit his house along with her father.

During the class, she reads Damian’s mind and finds out about his urge to impress his father, Donovan. Anya abandons the idea of using her dog for this mission and opts to help him make a griffin.

While the kids and Henderson find this duo working together intriguing, Becky believes these are signs of true love.

Anya gives her best but fails to follow Damian’s instructions. In the process, she also wastes a lot of paper, leaving Damian annoyed. He vents his frustrations on her by calling her useless.

Henderson quickly straightens up Damian for not acting like a gentleman. Anya later apologizes to Damian for the trouble and offers her project so that he can pair it up with his.

Damian’s project, tagged along with Anya’s, under his name, wins the first prize. Anya cherished as her plan worked accordingly, but Damian wasn’t really happy with that.

He dismissed her again and decided not to show the project to his father, even if it has won the prize.

At night, he calls his butler and wonders what his father thinks about his demeanor at school. Though the butler assures him that his father is worried about him, Damian sees through that lie.

Sylvia Sherwood, the handler at WISE, the Westalis Intelligence Services Eastern-Focused division, officially works as an attache at the Westalis’ embassy in the East.

Unofficially, she works with the agents of WISE secretly, despite being under the strict surveillance of the Secret Police. Sherwood’s colleagues call her the Fullmetal Lady, owing to her flawless performance as an agent.

She often tricks the officers who are tailing her by deceiving them with her daily routine.

When she opts for a one-hour break at the pool, she disguises herself and walks past these officers without them noticing. Then she meets Twilight at the given location.

This time around, she shares the financial reports of Desmond’s camp with him.

Twilight later shares how meeting the handler is life-threatening for both of them. They opt to change locations by signaling each other whenever they feel someone is onto them.

While Sherwood brings in credible information, Twilight only updates on Anya’s progress at school, and Sherwood wonders how this is important to the mission.

A glimpse into the past shows Yuri enjoying Yor’s dishes no matter how bad they are. Every time he compliments her and talks about her marriage, she feels shy and accidentally hits him.

The situation has not changed much, as Yuri gets asked about his injuries by one of his colleagues in the present.


  • Another filler episode that works great when it comes to the first segment but fails to capture the same magic in the second and third.
  • The show is slowly bringing the duo of Anya and Damian together, though it seems like there hasn’t been much development. No matter how hard she tries, he just doesn’t want to befriend her.
  • Furthermore, it continues to highlight the desperation Damian has for his father’s approval. Now that Anya knows a bit about it, she can use this loneliness to form a bond with him.
  • The last two segments hardly add anything important to the episode. They are just recapping the events and diving a bit into the handler’s story and who she is.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 17
Spy x Family season 1 episode 17 recap & review 1

Director: Shū Honma

Date Created: 2022-10-29 21:00

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