Silo season 1 episode 9 recap & review: The Getaway

In the ninth episode of Silo, Juliette attempts to find a way to access George’s hard drive while Judicial keeps looking for her. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


After breaking free from Judicial, Juliette jumps from the stairs onto another floor and runs away. Sims suspects that Billings let her go. Sims assures Bernard that they have eyes everywhere. Bernard tells Sims that he hopes he understands what they are dealing with here.

Right after leaving Bernard’s office, Sims orders one of his soldiers to talk to Juliette’s friends. He also instructs him to send an escort for his family.

Meanwhile, back at his home, Billings continues to worry about his condition. Billings’ wife, Kathleen, expresses her concerns about losing him and suggests Billings to move back to Judicial. Billings stays adamant and focuses on catching the person he let go.

While Judicial knocks on the doors of Juliette’s friends, Sims visits her father, Pete, who provides Sims with no answers. Sims’ wife makes the mistake of not letting Judicial check her house.

Sims’ wife soon discovers that someone has broken in. Juliette shows herself. She holds a knife to Sims’ wife’s neck and grabs Sims’ wife’s gun. Sims’ wife is forced to do what Juliette says.

After assuring her son that everything is alright and putting him in a room, Sims’ wife cuffs herself in the kitchen as per Juliette’s instructions. Juliette then uses Sims’ computer to access George’s hard drive.

Judicial is conducting a search at Juliette’s house. Billings attempts to stop them but is told to leave. A Judicial officer named Jean Robinson, who knows Billings, tells him that she has been ordered to arrest anyone who interferes with the investigation.

Billings breaks into Juliette’s house once Judicial leaves. He ends up discovering what Judicial failed to find: George’s hidden book. He keeps one page of the book for himself and burns the rest of it.

Meanwhile, Sims finds out that Juliette had contacted Lukas Kyle. Bernard interrogates Lukas himself. Bernard intimidates and threatens Lukas for keeping the information on the red-level relic that Juliette had.

Lukas ends up giving Bernard a number that was on the hard drive. Bernard orders the officers in the surveillance room to find a hard drive with serial number 18. An officer mentions that hard drives have nine serial digits. Bernard repeats the number and insists that the officer should run it now.

While the hard drive is being searched, Bernard lets Sims know that he can’t let him be his shadow. After all, Sims chose to protect his family first, then the people of Silo, by sending escorts.

The moment Sims learns that George’s hard drive is connected to a computer in his house, he runs to save his family. Juliette, on the other hand, gains access to the hard drive.

Juliette struggles to figure out which file she should open first. It turns out that George knew she would find this hard drive someday, so he created a video for her.

Sims’ wife breaks free and comes from behind. She tells Juliette that Judicial must have found out about the hard drive the moment she connected it to her computer. She asks her to leave. Judicial once again fails to capture Juliette.

Sims’ wife later discloses that she let Juliette go, knowing what Judicial would do upon finding her here. Sims, in turn, confesses that Bernard thinks Sims is not the right person to be shadowing Bernard.

Juliette next seeks help from Patrick Kennedy, whom she saved from being wrongly accused and killed. Patrick invites a hacker to his house who will help Juliette get access to the hard drive without getting caught.

The hacker already knows about this hard drive. He tried to crack it before selling it to Regina. He diverts the location of the hard drive to somewhere else before accessing it.

Juliette watches George’s video all alone. In the video, he admits that he came to her looking for help but fell in love with her. He also lets her know that he found the door he had been looking for underwater. Juliette needs to find that door.

George then instructs Juliette to look for a file called “Jane Carmody Cleaning”. This file will reveal why Allison Becker went out to clean. Juliette opens that file, and she, along with Patrick and the hacker, watches the video and sees Jane Carmody’s experience outside the Silo. The world outside is unlike what Judicial is showing them. It looks beautiful and dreamy.


  • The ninth episode of Silo is full of adrenaline. For most of its run, it may not offer anything new, but the fear of Juliette getting caught stays with the viewers.
  • The viewers get to see someone like Paul Billings questioning life at Silo. Upon discovering George’s book, he seems conflicted about whether he should follow the rules or not. It’s hard to say whose side he will choose now that even Sims doubts him.
  • Silo continues to reserve the big revelations for the last few minutes of the episode. Even this time, this move pays off in a big way. The look on Juliette, Patrick, and the hacker’s faces is worth watching. Certainly, it feels like they haven’t seen the outside world.
  • At the same time, Bernard and Sims are hinting that they are trying to save Silo. The question of whether the outside world is really safe or not will continue to intrigue viewers.
  • Patrick Kennedy and the hacker sound like good additions if they are going to tag along with Juliette for the finale. In a matter of minutes, both characters become likable. 
Silo season 1 episode 9
Silo season 1 episode 9 recap & review: The Getaway 1

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