Silo season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Hanna

In the eighth episode of Silo, Juliette attempts to find a way to access George’s hard drive while Sims and Judicial seek to take her out. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Juliette hides in the nursery, where there are no cameras. The soldiers of the Judicial are looking for her, and they don’t think they will find her there.

Sims pays Gloria a visit and threatens her if she doesn’t tell her everything she talked about with Juliette. Gloria and Sims have a history. Back in the day, when Sims’ wife went through a miscarriage, Gloria helped her by telling her to add folic acid to her tea. Now, Sims has a son because of that.

Gloria tells Sims everything he wants to know. In exchange, she is allowed to live in her dreams through sedation. Sims orders his Judicial soldiers to carefully look for Juliette now that she has a red-level relic.

Juliette connects the hard disk to a computer in the nursery. However, the computer is not authorized to open this drive. She sleeps in the nursery and wakes up to Billings’ call.

Judicial is searching for unregistered relics in the sheriff’s office. Judicial also searches Juliette’s bag, but they fail to find that red-level relic. Once they leave, Juliette confesses to Billings that this is something personal and that someone else is calling the shots. It is probably Sims.

Juliette heard Billings saying that this search and seizure is illegal. Billings admits that Judicial skipped several steps. Juliette uses this to arrest Sims and bring him in. Sims promises Juliette that she will regret arresting him.

Once Sims and everyone is out, Juliette searches Sims’ office and discovers various files, including one on her mother, Hanna. Back in the day, Judicial had also invaded Juliette’s house in search of Hanna’s magnifying device.

Hanna aimed to cure children like Juliette’s brother by looking into their hearts. Judicial didn’t allow her to chase this dream of hers. All their lives, Hanna and Juliette believed Juliette’s father, Pete, told Judicial about this because he was so into following the rules.

Juliette tells her guilty father that he isn’t to blame here; Judicial was watching Hanna through cameras and sensors. The father-daughter duo reconciles.

The arrival of a maintenance guy interrupts their heartfelt moment. Pete never called for the work order. Juliette deduces that the maintenance guy is here to install cameras. The nursery is a dead spot for Judicial.

Juliette heads to Martha to see if she can look into the hard drive. Now at every level, Judicial has someone checking people. Martha received Pete’s message an hour ago, but Juliette hasn’t arrived at the Mechanical.

When Juliette fails to go down, she asks for Lukas’ help. Lukas is also looking for answers about the outside world, but he is not willing to access something that he is not authorized to.

Juliette goes as far as to tell him about Marnes and Jahns’ murders. She even breaks a mirror and shows him the camera hidden inside it. Lukas denies helping, considering he has a mother back home.

Judicial arrives, leaving Juliette no option but to leave. Juliette is stopped by Judicial while going down to Martha. Bernard comes to her rescue and takes her to a field where they can talk in private.

Bernard then reveals that he knows about the hard drive. It turns out that Bernard is working with Sims. Bernard is the one Meadows fears. Sims appears from behind. They both establish that Juliette said she wants to go outside, which allows them to get her arrested.

While Billings is taking Juliette away, he assures her that she has the right to request a hearing if she feels she has been misheard. Juliette continues to call out Sims, which makes Sims hit her.

Billings’ hand starts shaking because of the Syndrome. Juliette sees the chance. She breaks free, steals her bag from Sims, and jumps off the stairs.


  • The eighth episode of Silo is highly intense and heart-pounding. It’s almost like at every corner, there is a threat for Juliette. Though Juliette has her own moments in the episode, the viewers are still getting introduced to how powerful Sims and Bernard are.
  • Sims and Bernard have been successfully established as very scary individuals. Common and Tim Robbins give credible performances as Silo’s threatening figures, even if Bernard’s revelation in this episode is kind of predictable.
  • By having Juliette closer to death, the series shows that it is not afraid of taking risks. Maybe the show is aiming to make the place more important than the characters. One thing is for sure: the episode evoked fear in the viewers’ minds about losing Juliette.
Silo season 1 episode 8
Silo season 1 episode 8 recap & review: Hanna 1

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