See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Ones Who Share Each Others’ Joy and Sorrow

In the seventh episode of See You in My 19th Life, Ji-eum confesses her love to Seo-ha for the second time and gets a hopeful response this time. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Ji-eum knows that Seo-ha found out the truth about the accident. Chairman Mun orders Mr. Im to get rid of Mr. Bang. Mr. Im asks Mr. Bang to leave the country, but he refuses to leave just like that, as he has some kind of evidence that he can use to protect himself.

Cho-won goes to Ji-eum’s house and meets Ae-gyeong for the first time. Seeing people from her two different lives together is a rare sight for Ji-eum, and she takes a picture with the two women to commemorate this occasion.

Seo-ha’s aunt and uncle come to his father’s house for dinner but end up upsetting him by bringing up Ms. Jang. Mr. Bang then calls Seo-ha, offering him a deal. He tells him that the accident was ordered by someone very close to Seo-ha in the MI Group.

A drunk Cho-won calls Do-yun to pick her up from Ji-eum’s house. When he goes there, he gets a call from a distressed Seo-ha as well. While Do-yun takes Cho-won home, Ji-eum goes to pick Seo-ha up.

When Ji-eum comforts Seo-ha, he ends up kissing her. He immediately denies it, which makes Ji-eum kiss him. Seo-ha admits that he feels like he is in a different world when he is with her. She then takes him home and cooks for him the dish that Ju-won used to cook.

Do-yun takes Cho-won home, and she falls asleep while trying to kiss him. Do-yun suddenly remembers that the night before, when he was drunk, Cho-won had found him. At that time, Do-yun had tried to kiss her and had fallen asleep.

Ji-eum confesses her love to Seo-ha for the second time, and he admits that he likes her. However, he needs some time. He asks her to leave the responsibility of the third confession to him, and she agrees.

Their romantic moment is ruined by Dong-u’s phone call. Ji-eum goes to her brother’s house to find out why he is in contact with Seo-ha, and he tells her that he was the one who told Seo-ha the truth about the accident. Ji-eum asks him to stay away from her.

Seo-ha tells Do-yun about the accident, as his father lost his life that day. Do-yun asks him to get to the bottom of it if he is ready to face the consequences. Do-yun will be watching how it goes.

Ae-gyeong’s condition is not getting any better, but she still refuses to tell Ji-eum anything. When Ae-gyeong is not around, Ji-eum asks Kang Min-gi who he is, as he seems suspicious to her.

He does not tell her that he is a professor of archaeology, but he asks her if she touched the shaman bells in his room. He also asks her how long she has remembered her past lives.

It turns out Min-gi also remembers his past lives, and this is his 23rd life. He questions Ji-eum about her oldest memory and tells her that the shaman bells can help her remember her first life.

She needs to find the relationships from her first life in order to find out why she remembers all her lives. Ji-eum takes the bells in her hand and sees fragments of her first life.

Do-yun meets Chairman Mun to report Seo-ha’s activities. Chairman Mun sent Do-yun to study with Seo-ha because he needed someone to keep an eye on his son. Do-yun does not tell him anything about Seo-ho’s discovery regarding the accident, but he already knows about it.

Director Lee brings Seo-ha food, and when he gets the chance, he checks Seo-ha’s phone. He is surprised to find that Seo-ha has been in touch with Wonjo Capital. Meanwhile, Ji-eum takes Cho-won shopping, and Cho-won finally knows what it is like to have an older sister.

Cho-won, who had run away from Do-yun the other night and hurt her ankle, questions him about liking her. He admits that he does like her. However, he will not date her, and that has nothing to do with her.

Do-yun sees Ji-eum and Seo-ha together at work and asks Ji-eum to be careful because he cares about Seo-ha’s position. Their conversation leads to Ji-eum giving him details about the last birthday gift that Ju-won gave Seo-ha.

Do-yun gets convinced that she is indeed Ju-won. He asks her to tell Seo-ha everything soon if she does not plan to keep this from him forever. He then warns Seo-ha to be careful, as Ji-eum has made him question his beliefs.

Ji-eum sees Han-na at the hotel. Han-na tells Ji-eum that she also remembers her past lives, and in her last life, she was Seo-ha’s mother. Ji-eum is glad to meet Seo-ha’s mother again.

Mr. Bang asks Seo-ha to make a deal with him in exchange for evidence related to his accident. Seo-ha goes to Wonjo Capital but does not find anyone there. He realizes that Ji-eum followed him there.

Mr. Bang then asks him to meet him at an address. He seems to be unaware that there is a tracker on his car and that someone is following him. Ji-eum drives Seo-ha to that place, but he refuses to let her meet Mr. Bang with him.

As Ji-eum watches Seo-ha walk away, she starts remembering her first life. She realizes that the man that she keeps seeing in those memories is none other than Seo-ha.


  • This episode is very entertaining; it has mystery, romance, and even a little bit of comedy. There are also moments of familial bonding, which are heartwarming.  
  • Cho-won’s character has been written in a way that will get the audience to see her as an adorable character. Even though she is older than Ji-eum in this life, it is Ji-eum who appears to be her elder sister.
  • Then there is the fearless Ji-eum, who is not scared of anything or anyone. It is amusing to watch her switch her personality within seconds and intimidate men who are older than her.
  • In this episode, the chemistry between the two lead couples is better than it has ever been. If the audience were not already rooting for them, they will definitely do so now. 
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 7
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Ones Who Share Each Others’ Joy and Sorrow 1

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