See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Spot in One’s Heart From Longing

In the sixth episode of See You in My 19th Life, Ji-eum and Seo-ha find out that Seo-ha’s accident was planned and that somebody wanted to murder him. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Cho-won finds it hard to believe that Ji-eum was Ju-won in her past life. Ji-eum tells her that she visited their house many times because she missed Cho-won and their parents. To make Cho-won believe her, Ji-eum tells Cho-won things about her that even she does not know. 

While Min-gi was keeping an eye on Ji-eum, Han-na went to see Seo-ha. Min-gi and Han-na discuss how Ji-eum meeting people from her past lives would harm them, and Min-gi tells her about Ae-gyeong’s sickness.

Cho-won visits her mother to confirm if everything that Ji-eum told her is the truth or not, and her mother confirms every single thing. The next day, when Cho-won asks Seo-ha a question about believing in past lives, he reveals that Ju-won asked him the same question once.

Ji-eum takes a day off and goes to meet Bang Ho-sik of Wonjo Capital to settle Dong-u’s debt. She repays the loan by giving Bang Ho-sik a vase and gets him to sign the papers confirming the same. 

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Once she leaves, Dong-u overhears the loan sharks talking about Seo-ha, as they think that he is Ji-eum’s boyfriend. Dong-u finds out that Bang Ho-sik was responsible for Seo-ha and Ju-won’s accident. Seo-ha was supposed to die in that accident, not Ju-won.

Seo-ha goes to visit Ji-eum at Ae-gyeong’s restaurant to see why she did not show up at work. Ji-eum introduces Ae-gyeong as her aunt, and Seo-ha thinks that she is the same aunt Ji-eum had mentioned when they first met.

When Cho-won’s mother calls her to tell her that Ju-won had promised her that she will come back when she is reborn, Cho-won finally believes Ji-eum. She tells Ji-eum the same and accepts her as her sister.

As Min-gi watches the sisters cry and reunite, he calls Han-na to inform her that Ji-eum has made contact with her past life and even revealed her identity. What Ji-eum does not know is that this will complicate things.

Ji-eum asks Cho-won not to tell anyone about her secret because it has never gone well for her in the past. Ji-eum also admits that there are times when she thinks she should stay away from Seo-ha but just thinking about him makes her miss him.

Dong-u wishes to catch the driver who hit Seo-ha’s car and ran away in the hope of getting a reward. He ends up telling Seo-ha that somebody tried to kill him when he was a child and that it was Ju-won who ended up dying.

When Ae-gyeong goes out with Min-gi, Ji-eum, who does not trust Min-gi, decides to go through his belongings. She finds shaman bells in his suitcase. As soon as she touches them, the images from that one dream that she keeps having flash before her eyes until she drops the bells. 

Ji-eum meets Cho-won at the hotel, and the latter addresses her the way she used to address Ju-won. Ji-eum asks Cho-won not to be so casual with her at work because even if she was her sister in her past life, she is Ji-eum now. 

Do-yun overhears their conversation and thinks that Ji-eum has fooled Cho-won into believing that she is Ju-won. However, he agrees to keep this conversation a secret.

Seo-ha goes to meet Bang Ho-sik to find out if he was the one responsible for the accident. Ji-eum sees him leave and follows him. Seo-ha gives Bang Ho-sik a week to tell him the name of the person who gave him the order to murder him.

When he leaves, Ji-eum hears Bang Ho-sik talking to the person who gave him the order. She threatens Bang Ho-sik to tell her who was on the phone, but he refuses because he knows he will be killed if he gives her the name.

Ji-seok tells Seo-ha that Do-yun’s father was Seo-ha’s father’s driver and was driving the car on the day of the accident. He was killed with Ju-won. Seo-ha did not know any of this and decides to go to Do-yun’s house to speak to him about it.

Ji-seok later tries to humiliate Do-yun, but Cho-won comes to his defense. Do-yun cannot date Cho-won because he does not want to give people another reason to ridicule him by dating a girl from a rich family. 

Seo-ha’s uncle, Director Lee Sang-hyuck, had assured Ms. Jang that he will take care of her son at the HQ, but Seo-ha’s father, Chairman Mun, does not like Chan-hyeok, so he does not want him at the HQ. However, he still tells her that he will reconsider.

A man named Mr. Im, the CEO of 24 Caps, a security company, comes to meet Chairman Mun. Ms. Jang recognizes him as the man who was from the Agency for National Security Planning and worked for Chairman Mun. She then asks Director Lee to find out what is going on.

Seo-ha is upset and angry that Do-yun never told him about his father’s death despite being his friend. The two of them get into a fight but resolve their differences immediately by apologizing to each other. 

When Seo-ha returns home, he finds Ji-eum waiting for him outside. She offers to keep him company, and he asks her to hug him. Ji-eum then assures him that they are not going to have a bad ending.


  • Ji-eum’s character never fails to provide comic relief. The way she uses things she learned in her past lives to solve her problems is always amusing. In this episode, she applies her knowledge of ancient warfare to deal with loan sharks. 
  • Cho-won choosing to believe Ji-eum seems believable, as the show took its time with the revelation. Ji-eum recalling her past memories to make Cho-won believe her is a touching scene that will not leave any questions regarding Cho-won’s choice to trust her.
  • This episode piques the audience’s interest. It creates intrigue not only about Ji-eum’s past with the revelation about the accident but also about her future with Min-gi and Han-na’s characters.
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 6
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Spot in One’s Heart From Longing 1

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