See season 3 episode 8 recap & review: I See You

The eighth episode of See season 3 sees Baba Voss and the Ranger infiltrating the Tormada’s camp in order to kill Sibeth Kane, while Maghra leads her people out through tunnels. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Baba Voss and the Ranger look for Kane inside Tormada’s camp and kill the soldiers guarding the place silently. Kane, on the other hand, goes out with Tormada to receive an update on Maghra’s situation.

With the help of a woman aided by super hearing, Kane finds out that Maghra is using tunnels to help the people of Pennsa escape the city.

She orders Tormada to release the next set of bombs. This time around, apart from the city, the bombs destroy the pathway Maghra was using.

Maghra opted to die on the battlefield rather than in the tunnels. Therefore, she decided to go up to confront Kane. Meanwhile, the woman with super hearing alerted Tormada that two men are making moves in his own camp.

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Tormada realizes that it’s Baba Voss and orders his soldiers to look for him. Soon, Baba Voss and the Ranger find themselves surrounded with no option but to fight each and every soldier out there to kill them.

Outside the camp, Maghra walks alone to meet Kane in the middle. Maghra tries to talk things out with Kane and reminds her of their fond memories.

She uses this sweet talk as a distraction to spot an opening and uses it to stab Kane. When Tormada finds out that Maghra has succeeded in killing Kane, he sends the rest of his soldiers to attack her.

Tamacti Jun, Kofun, Haniwa, and Wren come to Maghra’s aid, while Baba Voss hears Tormada’s voice and makes an impulsive move. Tormada uses a grenade to defend himself from Voss.

Believing that Baba Voss might have survived the first grenade, Tormada gets his hands on another one, but the Ranger comes from behind and attacks him.

The grenade blasts under Tormada’s body and he eventually dies, but before that, the Ranger makes sure to stab one of his eyes while he was still alive.

Baba Voss wakes up and plans to reach the bombs. In order to do so, he asks Haniwa to look out for him. After taking down a few soldiers on his way, Voss gets his hands on a hammer and swings it on a pile of Tormada’s bombs.

He sacrifices himself to save the Payan Kingdom and to secure the future of his family.

Time passes by and Pennsa gets back on its feet. Maghra often visits the land where she lost her husband and her sister. Kofun learns what it means to be a father, while Haniwa gets married to Wren.

The negotiations with the Trivantes were still up in the air, with Nevla claiming that the sighted ones will continue to be a threat. Haniwa leaves the discussion, warning Nevla about the threat sighted ones could bring.

Kofun calms Nevla down and assures her that he is not a threat, and eventually, the Payan Kingdom and the Trivantes come to an agreement.

Haniwa and Kofun bicker about whether they have a place here in Pennsa or not, and how the people over here will never accept a sighted one ruling over them.

Charlotte returns and reunites with Haniwa. She also updates her on how she is taking care of Jerlamarel’s kids with Sheva.

Charlotte gives Haniwa the map Sheva asked her to give. The latter believes that Haniwa is going somewhere. Haniwa tries to invite Charlotte, but she decides to stay.

Haniwa and Wren later leave Pennsa to follow that map without saying their goodbyes to anyone.

A year goes by, and Maghra wonders where her daughter is. Kofun knows Haniwa will take her time before sending a message.

He also confesses to his mother that he wants to live the way his son is going to live. With that, Kofun decides to lose his ability to see.

Haniwa and Wren reach their destination to discover a library full of sighted people. A woman introduces herself as Michaela and welcomes them.


  • Though it was the finale, and a final battle was teased, we get moderate action and the episode balances itself in order to give the viewers a proper conclusion for the series in its entirety, rather than the Maghra-Kane war.
  • The viewers can literally feel Baba Voss and Kane’s absence in the second half of the episode, which proves that the show can’t carry itself without them.
  • Apart from that, more than a finale of a series, the eighth episode of See season 3 is like a new beginning implying that there is a bigger world out there.
  • Definitely, Apple TV+ would be looking for a spin-off over here as there are a number of questions ‘See’ has left unanswered. The origins of this new group of sighted people and of course what happened to guns.
See season 3 episode 8
See season 3 episode 8 recap & review: I See You 1

Director: Anders Engström

Date Created: 2022-10-14 00:00

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