What happens to the House of Enlightenment in See season 3?

Baba Voss and his group rescued Jerlamarel’s kids but failed to destroy Tormada’s bombs. Still, there was something else out there at the House of Enlightenment that was far more dangerous than the bombs.

Charlotte, Wren, and Lu parted ways with Baba Voss to take Jerlamarel’s kids to a safer location.

Baba Voss and his group had to take shelter inside the House of Enlightenment in order to figure out a strategy against Tormada’s army that ambushed them.

Though they managed to take out half of the army, Tormada escaped with the bombs and left for Pennsa. Baba Voss knew a way to reach Pennsa faster, so he wanted an injured Kofun and his group to take a break.

While they did that, Voss made the best of this time and entered the House of Enlightenment with the fuel can they found earlier while strategizing against Tormada’s men.

Baba Voss burns down the House of Enlightenment

Baba Voss entered the former prison and started burning down all the books and information Jerlamarel curated over the years.

The information Jerlamarel had gathered included advanced technology and literature that would help in restoring the world to what it was before it lost its sight.

What happens to the House of Enlightenment in See season 3? 1
Baba Voss burns the books at the House of Enlightenment

The Trivantians had killed Jerlamarel and had taken over the place. Tormada, the scientist who wanted to restore sight, used this knowledge to build bombs that can be used in combat against his enemies.

In order to ensure that no one uses this knowledge against them ever again, Voss opted for this decision.

Are there more places like the House of Enlightenment?

Haniwa believed they are destroying their legacy by erasing the knowledge they have in their hands. She wanted to preserve this information but failed to stop her father and brother.

The group of Baba Voss saw the house burn down to ashes on their way out.

What happens to the House of Enlightenment in See season 3? 2
Sheva tells Haniwa a secret

Sheva thanked Haniwa for saving her family, while Hanwia apologized for burning down their house.

Following that, Sheva whispered to Haniwa that there are other people out there. These people may still have this knowledge and probably another home much like the House of the Enlightenment.

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