Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Tom

The fifth episode of Rabbit Hole looks back at what happened to Weir’s team while he, Ben, Hailey, and Homm are tracked by armed soldiers in the present. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Eleven days ago, Weir’s team waited for Tom to arrive, only for Weir to reveal that Tom is not a person; it is an operation. Weir’s whole team will have to disappear in a week. They will be faking their deaths and receiving new identities.

The intern, Kyle, is not part of this meeting because Weir has already identified him to be a plant; Weir just doesn’t know who Kyle works for. They won’t be killing him, as he will be the perfect witness to their deaths.

The team leaves no trace behind and makes sure that the cops will discover their DNA when the scene is investigated.

In the present, Ben continues to persuade Weir to kill Kyle. Weir declines killing people if it’s not necessary. Weir gets back to work and calls every number that could have potentially called Valence before he died.

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Hailey comforts Weir, deducing that he is working so hard on this probably because he just lost the only friend he trusted. She assures him that he can trust her too.

Homm reveals that all of the political donations and PACs that Intaverse gives money to are publicly available. The only problem is that they donate to a total of 141 different candidates and organizations.

Upon learning that, Weir becomes more certain that he needs his team on this. Ben continues to stay adamant about sticking to the plan and not involving more people, as they would be risking more exposure. Weir still sends Cara, one of his teammates, a message to join in.

Meanwhile, Agent Jo Madi’s hunt for Weir continues. She visits Weir’s ex-wife and pretends that she is helping her daughter raise money for her soccer team by selling chocolates. There, she takes note of a drink called “Chateau Figeac”.

Back at Weir’s hideout, Homm breaks down that the vast majority of political donations from Intaverse go to the American SOS Committee. This PAC only contributes to one politician: Senator Nora Evers of New Jersey.

Moments after this revelation, Weir’s hideout is attacked. Everyone manages to escape safe and sound. Only Homm gets slightly injured. Weir is surprised that they somehow tracked them down. Weir is frustrated about the fact that he missed something.

Madi, on the other hand, visits Rasche, the officer working on the deaths of Weir’s team. After looking at Cara’s credit card records, Madi has learned that she bought a wine fridge two months ago.

Cara had been filling her wine fridge for a week before her death. Madi wonders why her wine fridge is empty. She likes to think that Cara knew something big is going to happen and was preparing for it.

Rasche doesn’t listen to a thing that Madi tells him, leaving her no option but to move on with her investigation. Anna, who works at the FBI, has tracked down Cara’s phone, and she gives Madi the location.

Weir, Hailey, Ben, and Homm stay at a farmhouse for a while. Weir resumes his work of calling every number that Valence talked to. He discovers that one of the numbers belongs to Ben.

Weir confronts Ben, assuming that he is the one who told Valence to jump off the building. Before Ben can explain, Weir’s group is attacked again. They escape through the woods this time.

After finding a safe shelter, Ben explains that he called Valence to warn him about Weir’s team. Ben had tried to follow the intern, Kyle, and see who he was meeting. Kyle is not just a lucky plant. He is well-trained and quite dangerous.

Kyle had noticed that Ben was following him. He blindsided him and almost killed him. Since there was a person nearby, Kyle was forced to let Ben go.

After this, Ben went to warn Weir’s team, but by the time he reached there, Kyle had already gotten rid of each and every member of the team. Ben then decided to plant fake dead bodies and kill Kyle along with the explosion that they had originally planned.

Unfortunately, Kyle survived. Ben had called Valence to inform him about Kyle and Weir’s team. Valence took his time to respond and finally revealed that he had no choice before jumping off the building, which suggests that he had turned on Weir and Ben.

The armed soldiers track Weir, Ben, Hailey, and Homm again. Weir finally figures out how they are managing to do so. The tracker is attached to the whiskey bottle they have. They leave the bottle behind and escape.

Weir’s new team questions what their next move will be. Weir says they are going to find Crowley by approaching the politician he is supporting: Senator Nora Evers, who officially announces her run for the presidency by the evening.

Amidst all of this, Madi tracks Cara’s phone down and finds the dead bodies of Weir’s team in the elevator. Kyle keeps thinking about the deaths of Weir’s teammates that are now haunting him.


  • The fifth episode of Rabbit Hole isn’t on par with its previous episodes. It wastes the twist that it pulled off in the final moments of the fourth episode, making the fifth episode a bit unnecessary as there have only been minor developments.
  • The show’s obsession to deceive the viewers has played against it. It spent an entire episode trying to show how Weir’s team faked their deaths, only to have them die for real after a much-hyped tease of their return in the previous episode.
  • Rabbit Hole still hasn’t lost touch, considering that its storyline is still unpredictable. On top of that, the team of misfits Weir currently has will offer more entertainment than the team of experienced spies he initially had.
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 5
Rabbit Hole season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Tom 1

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