Invasion season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Breakthrough

In the ninth episode of Invasion season 2, the Movement goes to rescue Sarah while Mitsuki and Caspar try to find each other. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


The WDC finds out that the places they consider alien-free zones are not actually free of them. As the aliens can cloak themselves, they could be anywhere. Since Mitsuki destroyed the portal, the president of the WDC refuses to give Maya the data from the other portals.

Mitsuki is not well. She is nearing a breakdown and keeps hearing Hinata’s voice in her head. She follows the voice and ends up in the forest. She then realizes that everything is connected and that the boy she saw through the portal is the key to defeating the aliens.

She also comes to the conclusion that she was in the aliens’ mind when she saw him. As she wants to find Caspar and the aliens have a hive mind, Mitsuki needs to get into their mind. 

She does that by focusing on becoming one with the roots of the trees. Maya is told that the ship has been activated again, and she finds Mitsuki unconscious in the forest.

On the other hand, Caspar is working with the other children to complete the map. Whenever he goes to that dark place in his mind, the aliens fight back, which makes him believe that there is something that the aliens do not want him to see.

Caspar and the other children complete the map, and Caspar wants to go back to the darkness. When Jamila offers to accompany him, Monty once again accuses Caspar of being on the side of the aliens. 

Caspar gets sick of being accused and ends up revealing that Monty loves Jamila and has been taking out his frustration on him because she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Caspar immediately feels bad about hurting Monty and apologizes to him. He also thanks him for finding him, but Monty makes it clear that he only did it for Jamila. Monty thinks that if Caspar truly cares about Jamila, he should let her go.

When Caspar speaks to Jamila, she points out that she has been choosing him again and again, even though it is evident that he has changed now. However, Caspar thinks that she is not making the right choice and wants her to let go of him. 

Caspar then goes to the dark place in his mind, which is the aliens’ hive mind. There, Mitsuki and Caspar finally meet. They find out this is the mothership, the place where all the portals lead and all the aliens connect.

Meanwhile, Aneesha tells Clark that she will keep looking for her daughter, no matter what. While Clark assures her that the Movement will not give up on finding Sarah, she asks him to take care of Luke if something happens to her. 

Aneesha wishes she had more time with Clark. At the same time, Sarah is being tested by the doctors who are working on Project Idabel. She tells them that Luke, in a way, can communicate with the alien shard.

The Movement uses the soldier they had earlier interrogated to infiltrate the military base in Oklahoma. While the adults go looking for Sarah, Luke and Ryder stay back.

Aneesha and Clark meet Trevante and Rose, who are in military lockup. Trevante offers to help them find Sarah, and they choose to trust him. While Trevante, Rose, and Clark hold the soldiers back, Aneesha goes to find Sarah. 

Aneesha reunites with her daughter, but they fail to escape. While she is found by the soldiers, Trevante and Rose finally find all the people who have been missing, including Billy.


  • Mitsuki and Caspar’s discovery is the only interesting development in this episode. It sets the scene for this season’s final confrontation between humans and the aliens. 
  • Aneesha’s conversation with Clark indicates that she will get separated from her son soon. However, whether she or Luke will play any role in the upcoming confrontation is yet to be seen.
  • The Movement’s subplot still does not have much to offer. Even their infiltration of the military camp is not as thrilling as expected.
Invasion season 2 episode 9
Invasion season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Breakthrough 1

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