Invasion season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Cosmic Ocean

In the eighth episode of Invasion season 2, Caspar’s friends start doubting him, Trevante gets arrested, and Nikhil’s impatience results in a disaster. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Communicating with the alien entity takes a toll on Mitsuki, who starts seeing and hearing things. It is Maya who comforts and helps her. She promises to not let Mitsuki suffer the same fate as the other scientists who went inside.

Mitsuki is trying to decode the alien language, so she goes to see the scientists who went inside before her to find the missing link. She realizes that these scientists are still communicating but like the aliens, not humans.

Nikhil wants to send Mitsuki to communicate with the entity, but Maya does not think that she is ready. Nikhil believes that Maya has changed because now Mitsuki means more to her than saving the world. As Maya is not willing to send Mitsuki in, Nikhil decides to talk to Mitsuki on his own.

Nikhil manipulates Mitsuki and convinces her to go back inside to find out what the entity is hiding. When Maya confronts him, he tries to manipulate her as well, but it does not work. Nikhil ignores her professional opinion and makes Mitsuki communicate with the aliens, so Maya resigns. 

Maya meets Mitsuki and says goodbye to her. Mitsuki admits that Maya is right, but Mitsuki’s emotions make her risk her life and go inside. Before leaving, Maya also disables Mitsuki’s suits to buy Mitsuki some time.

When a furious Nikhil confronts Maya about it, she asks him to risk his own life for a change, as Nikhil’s suit is the only one that is working. Nikhil takes her seriously. He does not wait for Mitsuki’s suits to get repaired and goes to communicate with the entity.

Meanwhile, Trevante climbs down the crater. He finds a hatch there and tries to open it, which triggers an alarm. Trevante is arrested before he can see what the military is hiding. When he is being taken to the interrogation room, he comes across a room where all the missing people are being kept.

As Trevante has received the same training as his interrogators, they fail to get him to talk. Finally, when a soldier named General Mitchell comes to speak to him, Trevante agrees to exchange information. He tells General Mitchell that Caspar’s notebook led him to this town.

General Mitchell informs Trevante that all the people that he saw in that room were taken by the aliens, but he does not tell them how the military got them back. Trevante asks General Mitchell to let him work for him, but General Mitchell pays him no heed.

Rose locks her childhood friend Wade, who is a cop, in the holding cell and tells him about the crater. Now that Trevante has been arrested, she is going to find out what is going on at the Shelton farm. She also tells him about the notebook and asks him to keep it safe if she does not return.

In Paris, Caspar takes his friends to the place where the other children who are just like him are staying. Caspar admits to Monty that he does not trust himself. When Monty implies that Caspar is on the aliens’ side now, Caspar tells him that he knows about him liking Jamila. 

Caspar is able to lead his friends to the children, as he and the children can hear, understand, and sense each other, even though they speak different languages. Dr. Esmee is shocked to see Caspar alive. 

She asks him how he survived, but Caspar does not have an answer to her question. Esmee tells Caspar’s friends that when the first alien ship was shot, these children were psychically struck. They were found in different hospitals around the world. 

The other doctor with Esmee, Dr. Gabriel, also has doubts about Caspar, who could be under the control of the aliens. The children and Caspar tell everyone that when the ship was struck, all of them met each other in the darkness.

While all the other children eventually woke up, Caspar did not. Penny suggests that Caspar and the children draw a map of this darkness to help them understand what kind of place it is. 

When Gabriel talks to Monty, he tells him that Caspar’s connection to the aliens is the strongest among all children and that they were not able to break it. One of the children tells Jamila that they were not calling Caspar. They found one more person who is like them, and they were calling that person.

Nikhil goes inside to communicate with the entity when it is very unstable. He reroutes the controls, so no one can pull him out. This causes global seismic activity. There are earthquakes and disturbances everywhere. This leads to Maya, who was leaving, coming back to the alien ship.

Rose takes advantage of the earthquake and tries to sneak into the military base, but she gets caught. In Paris, the earthquakes hurt the children, and they scream. Caspar is the only one who is unaffected. Due to this, Jamila also starts doubting Caspar. She asks him whether he is causing the earthquake and leaves with Monty. 

The entity hurts Nikhil, but even when he is thrown out of the room by the entity, the earthquakes do not stop. The president of WDC asks Maya and Mitsuki to find a way to stop the earthquakes. Mitsuki then decides to go in and speak with the entity, even though she does not have a suit.

Mitsuki assures the entity that she never wanted to hurt it. She asks Hinata to come back, and the entity makes contact with her. The entity asks her to let go of her world, but Mitsuki knows that Hinata is dead and that she cannot be with her, so she disrupts the magnetic field and destroys the entity.

Mitsuki passes out, and the earthquakes stop. When she wakes up, she checks the readings from Nikhil’s suit and figures out that the entity was a portal that could have led them to the world of the aliens. Mitsuki realizes that she destroyed the only way that humans could have had into their world.

Jamila sees Caspar alone and goes to talk to him. She asks him whose side is he on, and he tells her that he does not want to be on the aliens’ side. Jamila is aware that Caspar does not remember drawing the sketch that he made her before she lost him.


  • The episode begins with Mitsuki finding it hard to figure out what is real and what is not. The audience gets to see everything from her perspective, and the scene is directed so well that it leaves them with the same doubts as Mitsuki.
  • While the episode makes everyone, even the audience, suspicious of Caspar’s motives, one cannot help but feel for him when Jamila starts questioning him. Caspar finds himself left all alone through no fault of his own.
  • Now that Caspar has reunited with other special children, Caspar’s storyline becomes much more interesting. On the other hand, Mitsuki’s storyline, which has been the most interesting until now, is becoming monotonous. 
Invasion season 2 episode 8
Invasion season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Cosmic Ocean 1

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