High Desert season 1 episode 7 recap & review: This Doesn’t Have to Be a Tragedy

In episode 7 of High Desert, Peggy makes a major discovery and runs into trouble with more than one dangerous individual. The episode is streaming on Apple TV+.


Nick Gatchi’s brother, Leo, is keeping an eye on Peggy after finding out where she lives. Peggy calls Bruce to tell him that her brother and sister are coming to meet her at the office.

She then calls Denny to tell him that she’s been really harsh on him and should have been nicer. Denny is in the middle of a heist as he and his friend Chunky are robbing a marijuana dispensary.

Cooper uses her drone to search the area behind Guru Bob’s house and she finds the remains of a body. Carol calls Peggy to inform her about it. Meanwhile, Pioneertown is getting ready for the President’s Day weekend festivities.

Peggy rushes over to Nick’s and reveals that she knew that Leo was following her. She finally reveals that she was after the reward and she found Dona’s body.

They tell her that they’ll give her the money once she shows them the body and she asks them to give her at least something in kind. They end up giving her Dona’s old parrot, and Peggy drops it off at Carol’s place.

Peggy heads to Bruce’s office where Diane and Stewart are waiting for her. She welcomes them and walks them into the office where Bruce is in his cabin playing sad music very loudly. She asks William what the deal is and he says that Bruce found out his wife is cheating on him.

Suddenly, gunshots ring in the air as everyone hits the ground. Peggy goes into Bruce’s office to see him firing at the cars in the parking lot. She tries to calm him down as Diane and Stewart make a run for it.

Bruce is distraught because the woman he had asked her to follow was actually his wife and she confirmed that his wife was seeing another woman. Peggy succeeds in calming him down and then tells him that their payday is close because she found a body.

She gets back home to find Denny cooking in the kitchen and a Gulfstream trailer outside the house. She talks about her son Ethan, who she saw when she was on the video call with Katchel.

That night, she gets a visit from Arman and Heather who are getting impatient because Guru Bob’s is in the wind. Peggy says that she has their money and she takes them to the trailer where Denny and Chunky are counting the money they stole.

There is around half of what Arman is owed so they tell him to take it and tell him that he’ll get the rest the next day. While she’s tending to her wounds, she gets a call from Ethan telling her that Katchel was stopped at Customs and cannot be there to meet her.

She asks Ethan to come on his own but he dismisses her completely. She gets really sad at the rejection from her son and ends up taking a tab of acid. During her trip, she hallucinates her mother and has a conversation with her.

She is interrupted when Nick and Leo walk into her house and tell her that it’s time to take them to the body.


  • Episode 7 is once again an overstuffed affair as the series tries to cover all their bases before the season finale. So many things happen that it is tough to really keep track of what is important.
  • A body is found, Bruce’s wife is cheating, William’s name finally being revealed, The Gatchis, Arman and Heather, Peggy’s siblings, Ethan is Peggy’s son, and Denny all got some coverage and just listing it out here shows how much of a mess things are.
  • The heist set-piece at the beginning where Denny decides to take Peggy’s call is quite funny and a highlight of the episode.
High Desert season 1 episode 7
High Desert season 1 episode 7 recap & review: This Doesn't Have to Be a Tragedy 1

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