Forecasting Love and Weather episode 8 recap & review: Discomfort Index

The eighth episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’, ‘Discomfort Index’,  a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters about work and love, has been released on Netflix. It focuses on the relationship of Si-woo and Ki-jun.


Ha-kyung screams at Ki-jun, demanding to know why he showed up at her house unexpectedly. When he apologises to her, though, Ha-kyung’s rage transforms to uncertainty. Meanwhile, the three musketeers are perplexed as to what has happened to the two of them, and Si-woo rises to check on her.

Ki-jun is being an obnoxious addition to this frothy workplace romance, whining about the karma he’s receiving. In any case, Si-woo returns home with the inebriated and passed out Ki-jun, leaving Yu-jin perplexed as to what is going on. She is irritated as well but becomes enraged when she hears him mumble an apology to Ha-kyung.

Meanwhile, Si-woo inquires of Ha-kyung as to whether she was irritated when he informed her of her living situation with Yu-jin. He goes on to question her about writing Ki-jun’s columns for him, and all of this culminates in a dispute between the two lovers.

Everyone leaves to bed angrily, leaving Dong-han in the living room perplexed. The next morning, Ha-kyung is involved in an automobile accident, which causes her to be late for work.

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Ki-jun’s departure to pick up Ha-kyung is bad news for Si-woo, who was the last to learn about her accident. Si-woo continues to contact Ha-kyung while the office attempts to find out what’s up with the bad weather.

Si-woo does give Yu-jin some sound advice, stating that if Ki-jun truly loves her, he should also appreciate her history. Ki-jun makes a big deal over Si-woo and Yu-jin entering the room together, despite the fact that he did something similar the night before.

After Si-woo considers him pitiful for abusing his sweetheart over her past, Ki-jun suffers a mental breakdown and begins punching Si-woo, who, in turn, punches him. Ha-kyung goes out to speak with Si-woo, assisting the office in settling down with the rumours about him.

She sits him down and tells him the truth about everything that happened that day, claiming that she didn’t want him to know about her previous relationship because she didn’t want him to realise how sad it was.

The night comes to a close on a high note, with both of them being very charming together, but for one frightening aspect, Ki-jun spying on them from his car.

Yu-jin confronts him when he returns home. She assures him that living with your boyfriend is not a big deal, but Ki-jun, being the obnoxious brat that he is, refuses to accept his wife living with anybody other than him. Si-woo is dating Ha-kyung, he informs her.


  • One of the things that ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ excels at is tying its numerous weather patterns to the chapter’s title. Each episode manages to connect these feelings into weather patterns that mirror how the various individuals are dealing with their challenges, from the mysterious and hidden element of fog to the great fury and frustration brought on by the heat.
  • Anger is the major driving force in this chapter, and it swells up into a violent fight between Si-woo and Ki-jun. This is the central theme of the episode, yet the show still manages to throw in a few laughs along the way, altering the tone just right at the correct times.

Rating 3.5/5

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