Forecasting Love and Weather episode 7 recap & review: Ozone Warning

‘Ozone Warning’, the seventh episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’ a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters about work and love, has been released on Netflix. It portrays a couple of folks in limbo as their living circumstances become the series’ focal focus.


Si-woo and Ha-Kyung talk about living together, something Si-woo has done before. Si-woo, on the other hand, informs her that this is not the case. That relationships take effort daily, and that remaining with someone does not imply that you learn everything there is to know about them overnight.

Meanwhile, Ki-jun and Yu-jin’s relationship is on the rocks since their views on marriage are so dissimilar. Yu-jin requests that the marriage registration be postponed since she is unclear how this relationship would finish.

However, Si-woo now finds himself without a place to stay. After bathing at work, he notices that Dong-Han, a fellow nearly homeless coworker, has been staying in the night duty room and chooses to join him.

Meanwhile, Myung-Joo gives Ki-jun some much-needed marital counsel, while Dong-Han and Ha-Kyung talk about how to find out the best distances between individuals.

As soon as an ozone warning is issued, things start to get out of hand, and complaints start pouring in. Complaints from other departments also stream in, prompting Bong-chan to request that Dong-Han return home to his family rather than loitering around the workplace.

Si-woo, on the other hand, makes her suspicious by attempting to conceal the fact that he is house searching on a shoestring budget. That night, though, Si-woo waits in front of the elevator in the hopes of running into Ha-Kyung, and the two of them go out to dinner.

Things start well, but Si-woo’s continual checking of his phone and refusal to tell her what’s going on irritates her. She inquires as to whether he is separating himself from her because she was too forthright.

He, on the other hand, sets her mind at ease by telling her about the realtor’s problem. That’s not enough, and when she asks whether his pride is preventing him from staying with her, he says no. Unfortunately, he lashes out at her a little, causing her to close up a little.

Ha-Kyung teaches Si-woo that it’s okay to admit that she doesn’t have everything under control. Si-woo sleeps in the night duty office as a result, although it is not a peaceful sleep.

The storm, on the other hand, is far from ended, as Ha-Kyung learns the next day. She is astonished by what she discovers after listening to everything and asks them both to leave the room.

After seeing them both sleeping in their cars, Ha-Kyung does them a favour and lets them remain with her. It could’ve been fantastic if a drunk Ki-jun hadn’t taken his entitlement to her house and then thrown a fuss when he discovered them there.


  • Forecasting Love and Weather does a good job of presenting the issues that might develop from professional relationships, particularly when there are strong sentiments involved.
  • The characters appear to be in a moment of change in Episode 7 ‘Ozone Warning’. It’s difficult to embrace a new relationship, especially when the past is so present.
  • In the first few episodes, the storyline was more interesting. The plot thickens in the middle of the series.

Rating 3/5

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