Forecasting Love and Weather episode 5 recap & review: Localized Heavy Rain

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’, a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters about work and love, has released its fifth episode which revolves around the importance of taking responsibilities as well as Ha-Kyung and Si-woo’s growing attraction.


Si-woo’s joy is fleeting as he smirks and picks up his phone to call Yu-jin. He yells at her not to call him because he won’t do anything for her anymore, something Ha-Kyung notices. She inquires as to who it was and he responds that it was someone he used to know.

Ha-Kyung, on the other hand, is aware that something is wrong. In the meantime, things aren’t looking well for Ki-jun and Yu-jin.

Seok-ho catches Ha-Kyung and Si-woo but it’s Ha-Kyung who makes things comically embarrassing. However, there are more important issues to consider, such as floods in certain places caused by excessive rain.

Ha-Kyung perceives some uneasiness throughout the chat, especially when she travels someplace while keeping an eye out for the rain. Meanwhile, Si-woo sees Yu-jin, who questions why she is being called even though their relationship is finished and then blames him for her marital issues.

Ki-jun, unfortunately, overhears them conversing but his gripe is with Si-woo. He inquires as to why the latter chose to speak with reporters rather than the spokespersons. Next, he speaks with Ha-Kyung and the conversation swiftly shifts to his asking her whether she’s still not over him.

In any case, Ha-Kyung kicks him in the shins and tells him to stop bothering her. Si-woo, back at the desk, detects Ha-Kyung’s resentment and inquires if she is furious with him. But before she can reply, the entire office is staring at her, so she leads him outside for a conversation.

The query, on the other hand, was a ruse to get her alone in the kitchen, where he hugs her and asks why Ki-jun contacted her to talk. Ha-Kyung inquires as to why he is permitted to ask her such questions while she is not.

Si-woo teases her, asking if that’s why she’s mad, but she tells him that she’s not mad at him. They agree to meet that evening.

Unfortunately for Ha-Kyung, rumours begin to circulate that she is a cold-blooded director who vents her frustrations on her staff. But, before they can consider it and Seok-ho’s questions, Dong-Han’s oversight catches the city off guard, resulting in a massive downpour.

Ha-Kyung, like the rest of the city, is furious. She berates her teammates, causing everyone to be unhappy with her and Su-jin to flee away wailing.

The Director-General is furious but Si-woo tries to reason with Su-jin and convinces her that Ha-Kyung needed the information. Myung-Joo, on the other side, asks Ha-Kyung to trust her position and directives because only then can her team trust her.

That night, Ha-Kyung joins Dong-Han in the search location where two persons have gone missing while Si-woo, annoyed by Ha-Kyung’s lack of response, exits the liquor store. Ha-Kyung spends the evening with Dong-Han, who is completely unaware of his surroundings.

Si-woo goes to a dodgy hotel to meet someone and Ha-Kyung happens to be there as well, along with a very inebriated Dong-Han. Both of them glance at each other as if they’ve seen a ghost and wonder why they’re there.


  • The strange extortion plot that the show is attempting to introduce is not engaging. Forecasting Love and Weather was enticing with the promise of a light-hearted office romance with a few issues thrown in for good measure rather than the plot being extorted.
  • Aside from that, the episode was enjoyable. Although there is less comedy, the episode is nevertheless excellent. It felt like the workplace’s intensity had diminished and needed to be higher.
  • “Localized Heavy Rain” is well aware that human weaknesses might lead to unfavorable outcomes. In episode five, the romance takes a step back.

Rating 3/5

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