Forecasting Love and Weather season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Visibility

‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’ a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters and about work and love, has released its fourth episode ‘Visibility’ on Netflix which revolves around the secret Ha-Kyung and Si-woo share.


Si-woo recalls his first position at this company, in which he was responsible for checking visibility every morning from the same location at the same time. In any case, he wakes up to a foggy city and an unanswered SMS in the morning.

Ha-Kyung responds that they are co-workers and that the emotion is only temporary. She refuses to date another co-worker and even when he suggests that she has emotions for him, she dismisses the idea.

As Ha-Kyung mulls over these issues, a massive pileup occurs on the bridge, forcing everyone to return to work. The weather office claims that they provided adequate notice of the visibility concerns but Yu-jin’s office has a different strategy.

Meanwhile, Chae Yu-jin converses with a co-worker, enquiring as to why Korea does not provide local fog warnings. In a new story, she is invited to attack the weather station. As a result, she asks Ki-jun whether she may interview a co-worker about it but he says they are both too busy.

Ki-jun is undoubtedly second-guessing his decision to leave Ha-Kyung, especially as co-workers whisper about how she deserves more than Ki-jun. Everyone observes how enraged Ha-Kyung is with Si-woo, but he dismisses it as the source of his mischief.

However, the following instant, he continues to tease her as they talk about the fog warning they should issue the next day.

That night, Ha-Kyung rides in an uncomfortable elevator with Yu-jin while Si-woo stays in the office later to give out facts regarding the fog. The latter invites her to do an interview instead of writing the piece and we all know how well that works.

It becomes worse when Ki-jun discovers a photograph of Yu-jin and Si-woo and understands that his wife lied to him about knowing Si-woo. Yu-jin, on the other hand, chooses to write an essay about why Korea does not provide fog alerts.

That night, Ha-Kyung inadvertently video calls Si-woo and after an awkward discussion, she asks him to perform some work the next day that his co-workers dismiss as a waste of time.

But, aside from the fun and games, Yu-jin’s piece appears just then and the entire workplace is a buzz of activity. Ki-jun’s boss is enraged as well and chastises him for not knowing what his wife wrote. Ki-jun and Ha-Kyung both rush forward to face Yu-jin.

Both of them have a disagreement with Yu-jin and Ki-jun tells Ha-Kyung that he would clean up the situation. To counter the piece, her supervisor asks her to create a feature explaining why they don’t issue fog alerts. Ki-jun requests a copy of her article to prepare a reply.

Ha-Kyung leaves home that night to go to the flat, owing to her mother’s matchmaking blunder. She enlists Si-woo’s assistance and works all night, only for him to show up at her apartment with pizza.

The next morning, the two are in a fantastic mood. If everyone finds out about their connection, Ha-Kyung warns him about it and that it’s over between them. Si-woo acknowledges that he is aware of the situation and appears to be ok with the arrangement.

As the two of them kiss, a crying Yu-jin dials Si-woo’s number, which goes unanswered. Ha-Kyung doesn’t leave for work until extremely late. Si-woo picks up her phone and appears to be through with the matter.


  • Until now, Forecasting Love and Weather has been a terrific Korean drama series. It’s very beautiful, how the episodes all relate to the titles. Because of the minor twist at the end, this episode has been the most amazing.
  • The episodes are well-paced and each one appears to be a whole tale in and of itself, intermingled with the individual’s personal lives.
  • The characters are mostly personable except for Yu-jin and Ki-jun but there’s still time. They are quiter relatable despite their imperfections.

Rating 3.5/5

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