Doctor Cha season 1 episode 14 recap & review

In Doctor Cha episode 14, Deok-Rye learns the truth before her treatment begins; Seung-Hi works hard for said treatment; In-Ho refuses to go through with the divorce.


Oh Deok-Rye learns about In-Ho’s affair and love child and is furious at him for obvious reasons and at Jeong-Suk for bottling all the rage and frustrations thus far. In-Ho tries to plead with her to change Jeong-Suk’s mind about divorce but Deok-Rye tells him it’s a matter between them only.

Eun-Seo asks Seung-Hi to move back to the U.S. and start a new life. Meanwhile, Deok-Rye begins packing stuff to resume her treatment elsewhere but Jeong-Suk manages to convince her to stay. Seung-Hi continues working on the treatment and consults a U.S. doctor for it too.

She later informs Jeong-Suk to have Deok-Rye stay at Gusan Hospital and about the medical issue she’s suffering from. I-Rang and Jung-Min bring her a cake and presents after I-Rang meets Seung-Hi to apologize for hurting Eun-Seo.

She also asks Seung-Hi to break up with In-Ho, in exchange for which she’d not sign up for any college for one year either. Deok-Rye’s treatment goes well and Jeong-Suk thanks Seung-Hi, who asks her to tell I-Rang not to worry about Eun-Seo anymore. Deok-Rye leaves a note for Seung-Hi before departing, telling her to be a good mother and live an honorable life.

When Roy Kim receives good news, he asks Jeong-Suk to accompany him to the meeting with his biological family, but he is disappointed after meeting them. To cheer him up, Jeong-Suk takes him to run to the hospital.

She later learns that she’s the resident of the month, before discovering a tragic development with her health, as Doctor Cha episode 14 rolls the credits.


  • Doctor Cha episode 14 is again low on the laughs, this time perhaps a bit too scarce for one’s liking. There are strong moments, though, littered throughout the episode.
  • In-Ho continues to be petty, small, annoying persistence, while essentially destroying any chance of redemption that could’ve earned him the affection of any of the two women he’s played with for so long.
  • Seung-Hi’s move to the U.S. seems confirmed now, which would be a fitting end for In-Ho, to be left alone after being so lucky to have two accomplished and loving women put him on a pedestal like that.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 14
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 14 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Dae-jin, Kim Jung-wook

Date Created: 2023-05-28 20:30

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