The love triangle in Doctor Cha explained

Doctor Cha recently began brewing a hilarious love triangle, which is headed to be a major plot point and a cause for a lot of tensions between the leads moving ahead.

Doctor Cha Jeong-Suk is being cheated on by her husband for years, while all she receives for the most part is a treatment one would never expect from their loved ones. Seo In-Ho doesn’t like his wife enough to be ready for a minor sacrifice to save her life, much less be nice to her or be intimate with her.

However, when Jeong-Suk takes control of her life, she attracts attention from others, including the younger, dashing hunk of a doctor, Roy Kimberly, who is very much into her romantically. Seeing the bond between the two grow stronger day by day, In-Ho begins feeling jealous and insecure, before trying to stop this budding relationship.

Doctor Seo In-Ho

In a twenty-year-long marriage, Seo In-Ho has refused to have sex with his wife for ten years now, along with a flurry of un-husband-like attitudes he subjects her to. There are rare moments where he seems to have some redeeming qualities but for the most part, In-Ho is cruel to his wife when it comes to love or loyalty.

Sometime before his second child was about to come to the world, he went to America for his training during the medical residency, where he reunited with his first love, Choi Seung-Hi.

Passions flared, sparks flew, and the two former lovers conceived a child, who Seung-Hi would later go on to decide on giving birth to, right about the same time when Jeong-Suk gave birth to I-Rang back in Korea.

After Choi Eun-Seo’s birth, In-Ho would continue visiting Seung-Hi and her daughter. He’d continue his affair with the doctor even when she returns to Korea and becomes his colleague at Gusan University Hospital.

Meanwhile, he manages to keep his affair a secret from everyone else, including Jeong-Suk and his son Jung-Min, who even work at the same hospital as he does. Jeong-Suk continues to suspect him and Seung-Hi and eventually finds out about the affair.

When Roy Kim begins growing more and more romantically attached to Jeong-Suk, In-Ho gets jealous and perturbed, which becomes confounding when one considers that his treatment and love towards his wife have been abysmal to none for over a decade.

Doctor Roy Kim

Roy Kim is a young, charismatic doctor of nearly the same caliber as Seo In-Ho, only he doesn’t have as much experience but his perspectives are unique, his approach is confident, and his physique is that of a young guy.

These differences are already reasons enough for Seo in-Ho to grow envious of him before he can even fully register that he might be trying to get romantically involved with his wife.

Roy Kim, meanwhile, has been the man to Jeong-Suk whom In-Ho has failed at being for so long. He’s also the only person other than her mother who seems to be truly caring about Jeong-Suk’s health and life when she suffers liver failure.

Roy Kim Doctor Cha
Roy Kim in Doctor Cha (2023)/Image source: JTBC

During their time and coincidental run-ins, he grows fond of Jeong-Suk, and later he transfers to Gusan University Hospital, where he strikes up a friendship with her. He continues to care for her and look out for her, after finding out about In-Ho’s affair, which makes him feel really bad for Jeong-Suk.

As In-Ho continues going on about his job and life, having no regard, love, respect, or loyalty for his wife, Roy Kim increasingly becomes more confident in expressing his affection for Doctor Cha. With Jeong-Suk learning about her husband’s affair, Kim’s efforts at courting her will only increase.

Doctor Cha Jeong-Suk

Doctor Cha has been nothing but selfless in her duties as a housewife, a mother, and even a daughter-in-law. For her relentless efforts that hold the family together and keep the household running and functioning, she hasn’t received nearly as compassionate or affectionate treatment from her family members, leaving for Jung-Min, who tries his best.

Even at death’s doorstep, she was shamelessly abandoned by her own husband while his mother begged and pled him to withdraw from undergoing surgical donation of a part of his liver, a procedure essential for Jeong-Suk to survive her liver failure and imminent death.

Jeong-Suk is eventually saved thanks to some other donor, while In-Ho continues to cheat on her and impeding her growth as a doctor when she resumes her medical residency. In terms of romance or love, Jeong-Suk has grown accustomed to the dry affair her anti-intimate marriage has been for years now.

Since Roy Kim has come into her life, she has found someone outside her family and close friends circle who really is attuned to her sensibilities and cares for her. However, Doctor Cha goes spends many days clueless about the romantic aspect of Roy Kim’s dynamic with her, even when all others at the hospital and her best friend Mi-Hee pick up on it rather quickly.

It’s when Roy Kim comes and hugs her after her brush with death during a patient rescue that she feels the weight of what just transpired and later feels it again when Roy Kim comes close to confessing his love for her.

The next time he comes to tell her about In-Ho’s affair, but by this time Jeong-Suk has caught on to his romantic feelings and feels scared of a possible confession, stopping him from going through with it.

Meanwhile, despite In-Ho’s jealousy fumes and growing insecurities, Roy Kim confronts him many times and acts cocky about approaching Jeong-Suk in a capacity that’s not necessarily professional.

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