Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 6 recap & review

In the sixth episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Sung-han is visited by Gi-yeong’s grandmother, who brings back painful memories, and Hyeong-geun finally decides to divorce his wife. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


The episode begins with Ju-hwa’s accident. She was fine when she left the convenience store, but she got a call that left her shocked. She took a step forward without looking and got hit by a car.

In the present, Sung-han visits Ju-hwa’s grave, which lies next to his parents’ graves. It is Ju-hwa’s birthday, and an upset Sung-han confesses that he does not know how he is going to live a long life all alone.

Gi-yeong’s grandmother, Ms. Ma Geum-hui of Daenam Electronics, comes to visit Sung-han at his office. She wants to know where is Ju-hwa’s grave, something that not even her son, Jeong-guk, knows. 

She could not come when Ju-hwa died, but she now wants to pay her respects. Sung-han refuses to tell her where Ju-hwa’s grave is because he thinks it is too late now. Before leaving, she tells him that he should have remembered that kindness is a weakness.

Professor Choi’s wife fights with him about his mistress, Ji-suk, telling their son about their problems. Min-su interrupts his parents and tells them about his decision to donate his liver. 

His mother yells at him for leaving his education and coming back, even though he tells her that living abroad is not good for him because of his panic disorder. She does not care that her son collapses because of it; she just wants him to study abroad.

She then visits Ji-suk at her salon. She fights with her and tells her that she made her husband a professor by quitting her job and becoming a homemaker. 

Ji-suk points out that she does not want to divorce her husband because she is desperate to keep living as a professor’s wife. The argument escalates, and she ends up assaulting Ji-suk as well as wrecking her workplace. 

Meanwhile, Choi Jun gives Yu-seok updates about Sung-han’s new case. He also tells him that Ms. Ma came to visit Sung-han.

At home, Ms. Ma asks Yeong-ju if she takes Gi-yeong to visit his mother’s grave. When she replies that she has never taken him, Ms. Ma asks her if she is keeping him away from her. 

She further questions her, in front of her daughter, Ha-yul, about how she can sleep at night. Ms. Ma declares that she will take Gi-yeong to Ju-hwa’s grave, and Yeong-ju requests her not to do so, as this is her family, which makes Ms. Ma laugh. 

Yeong-ju reminds Ms. Ma that even though she disapproves of her, Yeong-ju is still here. Ms. Ma states that it is Ju-hwa’s birthday and that she will take Gi-yeong to visit her grave, no matter what.

In court, Sung-han plays a recorded phone call of Professor Choi’s wife; she is heard speaking ill of her husband for canceling his insurance, as she wants to get the payout once he dies.

Sung-han had earlier asked Professor Choi to cancel his cancer insurance, as he knew that his insurance planner, who is a friend of his wife, will be contacted about it. Sung-han asked Professor Choi to tap his wife’s phone to record her reaction.

Even though tapping someone’s phone is a criminal offense, the recorded call is still taken into consideration during the divorce mediation. Professor Choi gets divorced, but his wife plans to sue him for breaching the Communications Secrets Act.

Professor Choi was told about this possibility by Sung-han beforehand, but he does not care, as he will die if he does not get a divorce. Min-su is seen getting a part-time job, which means he will not go abroad after this.

Sung-han wants Seo-jin to meet clients on her own. He tells her that he did not hire her because she desperately needed a job but because she was a DJ, so she has experience listening to people.

He admits to her that he won the case, but he does not feel too good about it. He does not color the last grape; the finish line is in front of him, but it is all cluttering in his mind.

He finally tells Seo-jin the difference between her case and Professor Choi’s — she wanted to save her son, but Professor Choi and his wife wanted to save themselves.

Yu-seok tells Yeong-ju that her mother-in-law went to see Sung-han, which does not sit well with her, and he informs her that he has a spy working at Sung-han’s office. 

Sung-han, Hyeong-geun, and Jeong-sik go camping again, but this time, Choi Jun joins them. He has a lot of things planned, but Sung-han is a spoilsport. Choi Jun gets drunk and is put to sleep by Hyeong-geun. 

Sung-han, Hyeong-geun, and Jeong-sik have a serious conversation; they try to discuss Hyeong-geun’s divorce and Ms. Ma’s visit. The experience is not so great for Choi Jun, who is forced to share a tent with a snoring Jeong-sik.

Hyeon-u visits the office to see where Seo-jin is working now. She then takes him to Ms. Kim’s ramen restaurant, and he seems to be a lot happier now.

At his home, Sung-han gets a call from the number that Ju-hwa last spoke to before her death. Back then, he tried to find out who called his sister and what did they tell her that shocked her to this extent. 

The police told him that it was Ju-hwa’s friend’s number, and they had called her to talk to her about a favor. The police could not bring them in for questioning, as it was a hit-and-run case.

Sung-han tried to call that number, but he could not reach the person. Now, he gets a call from it and finds out that it is Yeong-ju’s number. She wants to meet him, but he tells her that if this is about Gi-yeong’s visits, then she does not have a say in it.

He cuts the call and storms out of his apartment. He goes to his office to color the last grape, and he scribbles her number beside the grapes.

Hyeong-geun looks for gifts for pregnant women, and Choi Jun gets to handle a case all by himself. Seo-jin met the woman whom he is going to represent. The woman told her that she is as scared of divorce as she was of marriage.

Everything she knew about her husband turned out to be a lie, but he calls her a fraud because she used to have a mental illness some time ago. Seo-jin feels better that the client did not recognize her, and she tells the same to Ms. Kim.

Hyeong-geun also comes to the ramen restaurant with the stroller he plans to gift Ji-eun. When Sung-han comes there with flowers for Ms. Kim, as he had promised, he is joined by Jeong-sik.

Hyeong-geun tells his friends as well as Seo-jin and Ms. Kim, who now know everything, that he has filed the divorce and has signed the papers. He then meets with Ji-eun one last time; he gifts her the stroller and the divorce papers. 

He further apologizes to her for taking so long to divorce her. Once she leaves, he starts crying, but Jeong-sik and Sung-han are already there to support him. 

Sung-han gets a client who has traveled quite a bit to see him and insists on meeting him. Sung-han agrees to talk to the client, who tells him that Yeong-ju has sent him to Sung-han. Later, an angry Sung-han rips off the grape chart in his office.


  • Every episode of the show tries to depict Sung-han’s sorrow and anger that he has not been able to get rid of since his sister’s death. His sorrow is evident when he visits her grave, and his anger is evident when people from her past contact him.
  • Professor Choi’s case is interesting because the audience gets to see a woman who sacrifices her career for the sake of her husband’s career and now attaches her self-worth to his profession. Due to this, she only cares about his status and not her family.
  • It is clear that Yeong-ju still feels threatened by Ju-hwa, even though she is dead. The episode leaves the audience curious about her role in Ju-hwa’s death and her future showdown with Sung-han.
  • This episode has many scenes that had nothing to do with the plot, but these fillers did not seem like a drag because they managed to keep the audience entertained.
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 6
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

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