Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In the fifth episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Sung-han hires Choi Jun and has to decide whether he will take Professor Choi’s complicated case or not. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Sung-han finds out that Choi Jun is June Man, he attacks him and does not stop until Hyeong-geun intervenes. Eventually, Hyeong-geun convinces Sung-han to hire Choi Jun, who then takes down the video, much to Sung-han’s relief.

Sung-han asks Seo-jin to work as the intake coordinator when he meets a new client, Professor Choi. He and his mistress want Sung-han to prove in court that they are having an affair in order to help Professor Choi get a divorce.

Professor Choi’s mistress met with his wife and begged her to divorce him, but she refused. Professor Choi is suffering from liver cancer, and his mistress wants to donate her liver to him. 

Due to the existing laws, she cannot donate him her liver because she is not his spouse. Additionally, his wife is completely healthy, which is another reason why Professor Choi’s mistress cannot donate her liver.

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His wife does not care about his life because she will actually benefit from his death by getting the insurance money. Their 16-year-old son is living abroad, and his wife keeps demanding money in their son’s name; she further refuses to tell their son about his father’s illness. 

Sung-han needs time to think about whether he will take their case or not, as the spouse who is at fault usually does not get a favorable outcome. Once they leave, Sung-han tells Seo-jin that he wants her to speak freely and not hold back when he is consulting clients.

An excited Sung-han prepares to welcome Gi-yeong, but when he arrives, his driver, Mr. Jung, tells Sung-han that Gi-yeong will have to leave early this time, as his paternal grandmother is returning from the US.

Jeong-sik brings flowers to welcome Seo-jin, which upsets her. She gives the flowers to the owner of the ramen restaurant. Hyeong-geun tries to explain to Jeong-sik that Seo-jin does not want to be recognized but wants to hold a stable job to maintain her son’s custody. 

She is not emotionally stable yet, and since he only gave her the flowers and not the others, it made her uncomfortable. Even after the explanation, Jeong-sik fails to understand the actual problem. 

Seo-jin wants to know why Sung-han took her case, even though she was the spouse at fault. Sung-han’s answer is as unusual as he is; a musician’s interpretation is important, but the composer’s first inspiration always comes first.

Sung-han understands that she is asking this question because of the flower incident and assures her that she can take her time to recover and go back to being her usual self.

Sung-han remembers Ju-hwa’s wedding day; that is when he met her mother-in-law. He told her that Ju-hwa is kind, and she advised Ju-hwa not to be kind because kindness is a weakness.

Yu-seok calls Choi Jun to meet him and tells him that his resignation is not accepted yet. He asks him what would Sung-han, his new boss, think if he tells him that Choi Jun spied on him.

Choi Jun gets stressed and discusses the problem with Hyeong-geun, who helps him talk to Sung-han about it. Sung-han tells Choi Jun to work as a spy for Yu-seok and to charge him for it. Choi Jun promises to give Yu-seok the information that would help Sung-han win cases.

Hyeong-geun goes to eat at the ramen restaurant, and the owner continues serving him wine. He gets a call from a distressed Ji-eun, asking him for help. The owner offers her help and drives him to Ji-eun’s house and then to the hospital. 

Hyeong-geun tells her that Ji-eun is his wife but not the whole story. He then meets his wife’s lover, who apologizes to him several times. Hyeong-geun leaves after telling him that both Ji-eun and the baby are fine. 

Sung-han calls Hyeong-geun and figures out that he is upset. Sung-han and Jeong-sik drink with Hyeong-geun and successfully cheer him up.

Seo-jin’s relationship is improving with Hyeon-u. He asks her about her work and informs her about things at school. He then tells her that she can be alone with her thoughts, as they are her thoughts; she can think as much as she wants.

Gi-yeong’s grandmother returns from the US and asks Mr. Jung if Gi-yeong would want to go to Hawaii with her. When Mr. Jung informs her about Yeong-ju not allowing Gi-yeong to meet Sung-han, she bitterly remarks that Yeong-ju is vicious and hostile for no reason.

Professor Choi’s son, Min-su, also comes to Korea and visits Sung-han. He knows everything about his parents’ conflict and wants to donate his liver to his father. 

He tells Sung-han that he is not scared of being scrutinized, he is more scared of being on the operating table. He wants to make a deal — in exchange for donating his liver, he would ask his parents to stop sending him abroad. 

Sung-han has dinner with Seo-jin, who wants him to take Professor Choi’s case. If he does not, she will end up interpreting the piece however she wants instead of staying true to the composer’s first inspiration.

She will end up thinking that he must have felt just as uncomfortable defending her as she feels almost every day, stressing about what people are thinking about her. 

Before leaving, he takes the flowers that she gave to the owner of the ramen shop, and the next day, Seo-jin finds those flowers on her desk.

Sung-han, who now believes that his job is to win cases and not to interpret and judge, meets Professor Choi. He has decided to take the case, so there are two things Professor Choi must be ready to endure.

Sung-han tells him that he needs to cancel his cancer insurance. He also warns him that he might end up with a criminal record.


  • The episode started on a light note and maintained it almost throughout the episode. There were serious scenes in the episode, but they fit in easily without looking out of place.
  • This episode depicts that the major characters in the show are struggling and lonely. They find comfort in their own ways, be it Seo-jin with her son or Sung-han and his group of friends coming together and supporting each other.
  • While Hyeong-geun comes off as an extremely nice man, Jeong-sik comes off as foolish. However, the episode makes Jeong-sik seem appealing; his unconventional way of cheering Hyeong-geun up provides the audience with another one of the group’s entertaining scenes.
  • Now that Seo-jin has found a solution to most of her pressing problems, the show focuses on how the incident has affected her. She finds comfort in anonymity, as being recognized makes her question all her choices, and only Sung-han is able to provide the help that she needs.
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 5
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 5 recap & review 1

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