Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 10 recap & review

In the tenth episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Sung-han prepares to fight Ms. Ma’s case while Seo-jin makes a comeback with an online show. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Ms. Ma and Chairman Seo’s divorce gets a lot of media attention. Chairman Seo has hired a team of six attorneys, who try their best to find something against Ms. Ma.

As Ho-young had earlier suggested, Seo-jin makes a comeback with Ho-young’s help. She hosts an online show, and Ms. Kim even sponsors it.

Ms. Ma meets Sung-han and asks him whether he is going to be fine, as he will be fighting six attorneys on his own. He uses the example of Beethoven’s Piano Concert No. 3 to tell her that he is indeed nervous and worried, but he also promises her that he will try his best. 

Meanwhile, Chairman Seo asks Yeong-ju to communicate with his attorneys on his behalf. He thinks she will be able to discuss matters like his affairs with them because she has no shame.

He also tells her that she will be bargaining with Sung-han and must try her best to get the best price. She is ready to do this, but she wants something in return — she wants the shares that Gi-yeong will get.

She claims that she is doing this because she wants to protect her daughter, Ha-yul. Chairman Seo decides to give her Ha-yul’s shares. However, he tells her that if she messes up, she will go back to the life that she deserves.

Sung-han and Hyeong-geun read a hate comment on Seo-jin’s video and get personally offended. To their relief, Ho-young deletes the comment. They then discuss Ms. Ma’s case with Choi Jun.

Ms. Ma wants 20% of Chairman’s company, but as of now, she is not getting anything close to that. Sung-han does not know if she wants a divorce or if she wants to take over the company. 

Ms. Ma tells Sung-han that Chairman Seo took over the land that her father owned after their marriage. The price of the land suddenly went up later, and Chairman Seo’s company, Daenam, would not be what it is today if it was not for that land.

Yeong-ju tells Yu-seok that she is resigning and that she will be Chairman Seo’s spokesperson. Yu-seok saw this coming because Chairman Seo hired attorneys from another law firm instead of Keumhwa. 

He believes that this makes the employees at Keumhwa mere pawns and that he will now be the pawn of pawns, as Yeong-ju will no longer be there to cover for him.

Seo-jin’s show gets a good response. The celebrities who worked with her in the past offer their support, and the show starts getting advertisements as well. Ho-young asks her to hold her head high.

Ms. Ma takes Sung-han out to eat and shows him the records that she has been keeping of her husband’s affairs since 1994. She has been giving them money in exchange for staying away. She has notarized documents and transfer records to support her claims. 

Sung-han tells her that with all these records, anyone could win her case. He wants to know why is she getting a divorce now after all these years and why did she choose him.

She replies that she had been putting her divorce off for too long and grew afraid because of that. She chose him because she wanted someone motivated who would go all the way for her, and Sung-han’s personal history is enough to keep him motivated.

She asks him to do his best, as she needs the money. Sung-han decides to start by demanding 50%, but he is also aware that Chairman Seo would not easily give up 50% of his shares.

Ms. Kim has been very supportive of Seo-jin’s online show; she even offers free food to her customers who agree to leave positive comments. She has been going on dates with Hyeong-geun and now wants to go camping with him. 

Seo-jin finds out about the user called “LifeSucksAnyway” who had been leaving hate comments on her video and even attacking Hyeon-u. She confronts Ho-young about deleting the comments and wants to give up for Hyeon-u’s sake.

However, Ho-young points out that this will not end even if she gives up. Seo-jin decides that she needs to find this person and see who they are.

Sung-han tells Choi Jun that Hyeon-u might already know about the comments, and he is right. They decide to threaten the user and tell them that they will sue them to get a response from them. 

Yu-seok visits Jeong-sik, who chases him away by spraying cockroach repellent on his face. Yu-seok is not aware that Yeong-ju has asked someone to spy on him and take his pictures.

Ms. Kim and Hyeong-geun go camping, but Sung-han and Jeong-sik follow them without their knowledge. They end up getting caught, and eventually, the four of them spend the evening together, laughing and drinking. 

Sung-han meets Chairman Seo’s six attorneys. Sung-han is getting popular, and the attorneys confess that they are his fans. Sung-han then shows them Ms. Ma’s records to prove that Chairman Seo is the spouse at fault. 

He claims that Ms. Ma has been keeping these records not with the intention of getting a divorce but because she has been covering up Chairman’s affairs to protect him and his company.  

Choi Jun and Seo-jin find out that the online hater is a 14-year-old girl who is troubled because her mother abandoned her and her father passed away. 

The fact that Seo-jin fought for her son despite everything, while her own mother abandoned her to live with a rich man hurts her. To the girl’s surprise, Seo-jin tells her that Choi Jun would help her.

Sung-han feels uneasy, as Ms. Ma’s case seems too simple to be true, but he cannot figure out what is wrong with it. Gi-yeong comes to his office all alone, without informing anyone. Gi-yeong addresses him as Attorney Shin and asks him for help. 

Gi-yeong cries and asks his uncle to defend him also. Sung-han embraces him to comfort him and assures him that he will take care of everything.


  • This episode does not have much to offer in terms of plot development and is not as entertaining as the others usually are. However, the end suggests that such an episode was necessary before the beginning of Ms. Ma’s case.
  • Chairman Seo and Yeong-ju’s interaction stands out in this episode. The show manages to paint them both as evil characters, but between the two of them, all the power lies in the hands of Chairman Seo, who comes off as a cold-hearted man.
  • The episode even creates a distressing backstory for a minor character like Seo-jin’s online hater to get the audience to sympathize with her; she is a disturbed teenager who cannot be disliked once her story is revealed.
  • This episode also focuses on Sung-han’s growth as a lawyer. He has gained recognition and is capable of winning against six lawyers all by himself, which makes him a threat to even people like Yeong-ju and Chairman Seo.
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 10
Divorce Attorney Shin season 1 episode 10 recap & review 1

Director: Lee Jae-hoon

Date Created: 2023-04-02 23:35

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