Demon Slayer season 2 episode 10 recap: What are you?

Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc continued its storyline with the tenth episode of season 2, listed by Netflix as season 3 episode 3. The search for Tengen’s three wives is still very much ongoing.


Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu are still dressed up as the ugliest girls in the world to infiltrate the brothels of the Entertainment district, attempting to figure out what happened to Tengen’s wives, who were infiltrating the brothels themselves.

One of them is seen being tortured by a demon, who questions her on who she has been sending the letter to. Yellow boy Zenitsu mentions that his brothel’s mistress mysteriously died after falling.

Inosuke is growing suspicious of the fate of the wife at his brothel, and inspects her room, only to find it in absolute tatters. He locates the demon inside the ceiling at gives it a good chase, punching his way through, literally, but loses trace.

Zenitsu is ambushed by an oiran, Warabihime, who he quickly deduces to be a demon, even wondering if she’s an upper moon.

When she hurts a little girl, Zenitsu is having none of it and confronts her. Meanwhile, Tanjiro is still working hard at all the chores. Inosuke continues attempting to locate the demon.

The fate of the mistress at Zenitsu’s brothel is revealed. She figured out that Warabihime is a demon, who threw her to the ground from a great height and killed her.

Daddy Muzan arrives at the district and talks up Daki, Warabihime’s real name, mentioning that she has killed seven hashiras so far, and is even stronger, clearly indicating that she’s an Upper Moon.

She’s clearly smitten by Muzan, which is weird, because isn’t he this father-thing for all demons? Anyway, he says that Daki is even stronger now after eating a lot of humans and he expects a lot from her. This mission will be far from easy for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Back to when Zenitsu confronts Warabihime, she strikes him but notes that he managed to minimise the damage. She has figured out that yellow boy is a Demon Corps member, but not quite at the level of hashiras.

Tanjiro can feel the eeriness in the air, hinting at a dark fight ahead. Zenitsu wakes up after being struck and seems alright, but oops, Daki’s moving ribbons got him. Looks like we have another hostage.


  • Let’s be honest, the humour and everything was nice for a while but now it seems a bit too dragged. 
  • The reveal of an Upper Moon is nice, and raises the stakes for the upcoming battle… if we get there.
  • After the torturous wait for the Mugen Train arc to finish, viewers would have been expecting some action, but looks like they’ll have to wait a bit.

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