Demon Slayer season 2 episode 9 recap: Infiltrating the Entertainment District

After the start of the new arc in ‘Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui’, Demon Slayer has taken a more lighthearted approach. ‘Infiltrating the Entertainment District’, listed as season 3 episode 2 on Netflix, is a break from the action and is high on humour.


Picking up from Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke deciding to accompany sound hashira Tengen Uzui on his mission in the Entertainment District, they are left mesmerised by the bling of the area.

Zenitsu, more popularly known as ‘yellow boy’, is invited by some women, but quickly struck down by Tengen, who informs him that they are courtesans in brothels, giving a quick brief on how the system works in the district.

He takes the three to a house with the Wisteria Family crest, you know, the mysterious family aligned with demon slayers? Tengen tells them about his three wives who infiltrated the brothels and wrote him letters with intel, but they have stopped coming in recently.

Absolutely ignoring everything, Zenitsu just cannot believe that the hashira has three wives. His jealousy is at its peak, resulting in some hilariously rude remarks towards Tengen, and getting struck again in return. He tells them they’ll need to infiltrate the three brothels where his wives were spying.

Tengen uses some items given to him by the Wisteria family to magically transform his three companions into the ugliest ‘women’ with horrendous makeup. But they’re all sold to brothels because the women are smitten by Tengen’s looks.

What follows is them trying to blend in. Tanjiro’s good nature quickly wins over the courtesans, but Zenitsu’s wrath and jealousy over Tengen’s good looks and popularity with women makes him hardly endearing.

Things quickly get suspicious as Tanjiro learns that one of Tengen’s wives deserted the brothel, raising serious questions about her whereabouts. When the other courtesan are alerted by Tanjiro’s questions, he has to cover up.

One small problem, he can’t lie. His face swells up like a balloon as the lies pile up. But Tanjiro is concerned as the evidence is clearly fabricated under the pretence that she ran away from the brothel.

Inosuke also finds suspicious hints, with the courtesans in his brothel discussing that one of Tengen’s other wives is unwell, and he questions if that’s a good enough reason to cut contact with Tengen, wondering what’s really up.

The wife at Inosuke’s brothel is shown to be tortured by a demon, who interrogates her on who she was sending the letters to. Things are really heating up at this point and Inosuke is close to figuring the truth. 


  • The episode is one of the most hilarious up till now. However, it is light on action and for viewers who prefer that, this wouldn’t cut it.
  • Zenitsu is one of the funniest characters in the show. Period. His banter with Tengen is the highlight.
  • While the episode lacks action, it’s obvious that an intense battle is right around the corner. But with such little episodes in each season, fans wouldn’t appreciate any wasted chance for fights. Let’s hope the build up is worth it. (Just kidding, we know it will be, right manga readers?)

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