Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 6 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the sixth episode of season 1 on Netflix which depicts am old curse known as Bulgasal. It is brought to life with dramatic and brutal action scenes from an ancient past and present.


Sang-Un and Hwal have reached an uneasy truce. He wants to stop this other Bulgasal before it’s too late, while she is frantic to save Si-Ho. Si-Ho is happily still alive, but she has been kidnapped by one of Dark Hole’s monsters or Eul-Tae, as he’s most commonly known.

Hwal takes use of Ho-Yeol’s contacts and encourages him to start looking into the many reservoirs in the area. The monsters should be working in a specified reservoir.

As a result, Ho-yeol gets along swimmingly with the Sergeant at the police station. It works, and he discovers that all of the victims perished with a dislocated leg, almost as if they were dragged underwater by something.

Hwal and Sang-Un receive this information from Detective Kwon. Dalmyeong Reservoir was the site of all of these attacks. When Hwal and Sang-Un arrive, they use Sang-Un’s monster-sensing abilities to breach into a swimming pool.

Sang-Un and Hwal burst in, realising that Dark Hole had deceived them, and discover the monster working for Eul-Tae. He dives into the pool and begins swimming back and forth at a terrifying speed.

The monster rips Detective Kwon’s arm off when he arrives. He sees a flashback to when the general died in the Joseon period. In reality, touching this monster has brought back sad memories of a previous existence when he lost his arm. But, most importantly, none of this is true. The monster has vanished, and Detective Kwon is in perfect health.

While everything is going on, Sang-un locates Si-Ho and frees her from her shackles. Unfortunately, the monster has discovered them and is preparing to attack. Sang-Un saves Si-life Ho’s in order to pull the monster out of hiding, and the two manage to flee.

Given that this monster thrives in water, it appears that Sang-Un gets dragged under but Hwal saves both Si-Ho and Sang-Un.

As a result of this, he fights the monster underwater and nearly drowns. Sang-Un transports him to safety and drives him back to his home.

Sang-Un resolves to provide delayed CPR to Do-Yun while he is still with him, desperate to bring him back. He, as well as Si-Ho and Sang-Un, are safe.

Hwal, on the other hand, is left with a broken leg until he twists it back into place. He reveals the name of Dark Hole, the guy she seeks vengeance upon, while they converse.

Detective Kwon is interrogated because he was the only witness to the death of Kang Cheol-Yong. Ho’s autopsy results eventually come back, confirming that his death was ruled a suicide.

It turns out that Eul-Tae is the one tugging the political strings from behind the scenes. He wants Hwal on his side, which entails manipulating the situation so he may curry favour with Bulgasal.

Hwal heals from his injuries and finds himself in the middle of an unexpected dinner party. Sang-Un, Si-Ho, and Do-Yun dine together while Hye-Suk comes with a bag full of meat.

Soon after, Detective Kwon arrives, requesting a private meeting with a fully recovered Hwal. He wants to assist in the capture of Bulgasal but also wants to learn more about him. He clings to the Dan Hwal’s name, embracing it as an antique relic from the past, remembering Ho-yeol’s comments.

Hye-Suk bursts in, claiming to be Hwal’s mother and putting an end to the interrogation. She is pleading with Hwal to give her some “allowance” so she can buy some meat.

Meanwhile, Eul-Tae enters Sang-Un’s home and discovers her journal. He’s particularly taken with her references to retrieving the sword and stopping Bulgasal.

Sang-Un returns to Hwal’s apartment and sees a plethora of old images of herself from previous incarnations.

Sang-Un is scarcely able to walk, as Hwal points out, despite the fact that she has lived many times before. Her encounter with the water monster left her terribly injured, and she has some fairly bad bruising over her ankle and foot.


  • The water monster combat is an addition to a brief burst of excitement in an otherwise emotional, character-driven story.
  • The final disclosure that Sang-Un isn’t the previous Bulgasal is a delightful twist that completely upends the rest of the series.
  • Sang-Un’s unique monster-sensing abilities appear to imply that there’s more going on, especially if she’s not the one Hwal’s looking for.

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