Bulgasal: Immortal Souls season 1 episode 5 recap

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ has come out with the fifth episode of season 1 on Netflix which depicts the ancient Bulgasal curse, with dramatic and gory fight scenes from the distant past and present.


Sang-Un is picked up by Hwal and taken back to his car. When Do-Yun arrives, he discovers Detective Ho-Yeol lying on the side of the road, unconscious. When he informs Hwal of this, he extends his jacket to him. Ho-Yeol regains consciousness, he remembers the Black Hole and believes he saw Bulgasal.

Sang-Yeon was killed that night by the Dark Hole, who brandished a knife and stabbed her right in front of her sister.

Dark Hole was about to strike when he sensed Hwal nearby, having lost all hope. He was scared and rushed away, sparing Sang-Un’s life. Despite the fact that he managed to flee, Hwal is not to blame for Sang-Yeon’s death.

Sang-Un wakes up in Hwal’s residence in the present day. Sang-Un irritates him, so he locks her in the bedroom and refuses to let her out.

Meanwhile, Hwal dispatches his best men to locate Si-Ho and ensure her safety. She’s plainly wary, but Hye-Suk leads her to the relative safety of the butcher’s market.

Hwal realises it’s too hazardous to go to the well and regain his soul now that another Bulgasal is on the loose. For the time being, he concentrates on determining who this mysterious man is and what he desires.

Bulgasal first spread as a rumour 400 years before the Joseon period, when Hwal was a general. He was informed that there was only one Bulgasal at first. There might be one more. If that’s the case, Hwal plans to figure out how to do it.

After Sang-Un tries to flee, Hwal interrogates her about her connections to Bulgasal. But for Hwal’s interruption, she opens up about the past and how he tried to kill her family. One of Hwal’s burner phones rings, interrupting him. It is the other Bulgasal, Dark Hole. He is eager to meet.

Ho-Yeol decides to acquire adequate proof to indict Dark Hole and prove Bulgasal is real after being dismissed at the station.

Hwal catches up with the other Bulgasal at a posh restaurant. Hwal shatters the facade when he discovers that they’re both Bulgasal. He’s dying to know where she is, and he’s counting on Hwal to tell him. If he doesn’t, this could devolve into a slaughter in which they settle their disagreements in this room and cause havoc.

Hwal was cursed, and another Bulgasal was cursed as a youngster. He wants Hwal’s cooperation in destroying Sang-Un’s soul in exchange for spilling this information.

Dark Hole, on the other hand, has a scar of his own. On his chest is a genuine dark hole, a wound that continues to decay and heal over time, a never-ending terrible cycle. He feels that by stopping Sang-Un, he will be able to end his torturous ordeal. Hwal, on the other hand, disagrees.

When Hwal refuses to let him destroy Sang-Un’s soul, Dark Hole stabs him in the hand and promises to defeat him. With a smile, he assures them that they are not equal and reveal his name as Ok Eul-Tae.

Ho-Yeol visits Hwal’s residence and observes Do-Yun acting strangely. When Sang-Un starts hammering on the door, Ho-Yeol kicks it open and saves her, immediately recognising her.

Hwal, on the other hand, returns home quickly and confronts the ex-detective. Flashes of the past from Ho-Yeol’s time as a general come flooding back as he pushes the man to the ground.

Just as things start to get tense, Sang-Un walks forward and reveals that she’s working with Hwal and that there’s no foul play involved. Hwal tries to shake Eul-tae’s remarks about Sang-Un lying in his head as the two drive away together.

They’re on their way to the mountain, and specifically to the well he has dug to catch Bulgasal. He leads Sang-Un to her doom after refusing to engage with Eul-Tae on the phone.

Hwal says that he wishes to lock Bulgasal for all eternity in the well, allowing it to suffer and repent for what has transpired. As Hwal turns to face Sang-Un, he explains that she was Bulgasal, who murdered his wife and son. It’s now time for retaliation.Hwal prepares to stab Sang-Un as he takes her by the throat.

However, just as he does, Hye-Suk bursts into the room, bearing big news. Si-Ho has been kidnapped. This causes Hwal to pause and reconsider his intentions, especially when he discovers that Dark Hole has abducted her.

Sang-un makes the mistake of going off on her own, desperate to find her younger sister. Sang-Un runs out to the lake, screaming for Si-Ho, but Hwal protects her and prevents her from falling into the trap. But she’s filled with remorse, hating her reliance on him.

Hwal is all set on annihilating Bulgasal once and for all. He will let Sang-Un live as a human until he kills the creature.


  • Some of the supporting characters, like as the ex-detective and Do-Yun, aren’t particularly crucial right now, but surely they’ll become more so as the series develops.
  • Regardless, the advent of Eul-Tae (Dark Hole) adds a new dimension to the story.
  • Bulgasal: Immortal Souls continues to construct this intriguing tale, adding new levels of story with each episode, although this episode is a little slower this time, but it’s no less entertaining.

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