Acapulco season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Love is a Battlefield

In the latest episode of Acapulco, Maximo tells Hugo what happened on Valentine’s Day in 1985. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Maximo asks Hugo to talk about what’s happening in his life but in reality, he just wants to go back to his story. He starts with Valentine’s Day in 1985 and how the different people in his life felt about the holiday.

Isabel is not too excited about the holiday and is one of those people who consider it a cheesy day created by corporations to sell things to desperate customers. She and Julia discuss their plans for the day while Maximo discusses his day with Chad.

Maximo says that he’s a huge fan of the holiday but since Isabel isn’t, he doesn’t feel the pressure to go big. Things are still awkward between Maximo and Julia after their kiss.

Hector has developed feelings for Diane even though she still considers him a casual hook-up. Memo and Lorena don’t get too many chances to enjoy their time without Lupe watching over them.

Since Lorena will be moving back to Mexicali soon, Memo wants to go on a date with her alone but when he asks Lupe, she refuses.

Maximo is looking for more ways to get in Diane’s good books and she gives him the special job of coming up with a deluxe Valentine’s Day package after a couple booked one that day. She pairs him with Julia for the job, adding to their awkwardness.

Sara is still struggling after Roberta broke up with her and she’s letting out her frustrations on her mother. Esteban asks them to leave the house so that he can cook a meal for Nora and they go out to get a gift for him.

Maximo and Julia have to decorate the suite for the deluxe package but they can’t get any work done until they confront the elephant in the room. Chad sees Hector all dejected and tells him that if he’s got feelings for someone, he needs to go big on a gesture.

Julia tells Maximo that she’s got a weight on her shoulders because of that kiss and she feels like she needs to tell someone about it or else she’ll explode. She can’t tell Isabel or Chad because it could ruin both their relationships and she feels like she’s letting them down.

Maximo tells her that since only the two of them know about it, they should just pretend like it never happened. Julia takes his advice and then they proceed to decorate the room with a french theme after Julia gets the idea.

Lupe is watching Memo and Lorena closely when Don Pablo approaches her and tells her that they remind him of Lupe and an employee that she dated when she was younger. Later on, Don Pablo meets Diane to ask for a weekend off but she refuses because there’s a lot of work to be done.

Diane finds Hector waiting for her in her office and she tells him to leave. He professes his love for her and she doesn’t take it well and ends the arrangement they have, much to Hector’s disappointment.

Sara and Nora have fun looking for a gift for Esteban but when they get back home, Nora finds Sara’s letters to Roberta which confirms that she likes girls. Nora says that it’s a sin and she can’t accept it and Sara says she doesn’t want to stay somewhere she has to pretend.

Chad walks in after Maximo and Julia are done decorating the room and he tells Julia that it was actually he who booked the room under a fake name for them.

Maximo tells Hugo that some harsh words were exchanged between Sara and Nora which drove a wedge between them for many years. Sara leaves home to live somewhere else on her own. Maximo visits Isabel at her restaurant with a very thoughtful gift that strengthens their bond.

In the present, Maximo tells Joe that he would like to visit the place that was added to his itinerary even though he flat-out refused when he first saw it. Hugo asks Maximo if he’s going to meet Isabel but Maximo doesn’t reveal the answer.


  • The exchanges between Maximo and Hugo in the present are quite funny despite being only a small part of the series. Eugenio Derbez does well to maintain the charm that Enrique Arrizon portrays as his younger self.  
  • The subplot exploring Sara’s sexuality and her mother’s reaction to it provides an insightful look into how the issue was approached in a different period and country and how similar it was for most people who were part of the LGBTQIA+ community back then.
  • Maximo’s bracelet making its way around the resort is an intriguing story to follow and the audience will be looking forward to seeing how it develops.
Acapulco season 2 episode 4
Acapulco season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Love is a Battlefield 1

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