Blockbuster (2022) ending explained: Does Timmy save Blockbuster?

Blockbuster (2022) revolves around Timmy Yoon who finds himself owning the last Blockbuster video store in the world and doing everything he can to keep it running. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Timmy Yoon runs a Blockbuster video store along with his five employees, Eliza Walker, Carlos Herrera, Hannah Hadman, Connie Serrano and Kayla Scott.

Timmy gets a call from corporate headquarters telling him that they’re being dissolved and he’s officially the last surviving Blockbuster in America. Timmy tries to find ways of drumming up business to keep them afloat.

The store is situated in a strip mall where Timmy’s childhood friend, Percy owns a party store and serves as Timmy’s landlord. After Eliza suggests having a block party to gather people, Percy and Timmy hijack the idea so Eliza gets annoyed and refuses to help.

The party goes haywire and Timmy apologizes to Eliza but they still manage to get on the local news and gain some popularity. Timmy and Eliza have known each other for many years and Timmy has feelings for Eliza while she does feel a certain something for him too.

However, she’s only working there out of necessity because her husband cheated on her and she needed something to pay the bills and her new living arrangements.

Carlos is a film buff with dreams of becoming a filmmaker but since he comes from an immigrant family, he also feels the pressure of studying accounting and fulfilling his parents’ dreams.

Hannah is a sheltered girl who hasn’t had a great childhood but she’s very kind and optimistic and always willing to learn, even if she is a little slow to arrive at conclusions.

Connie is an older woman who doesn’t have much else going on in her life and gets most of her social interaction thanks to the store. She’s always ready to give advice even if it isn’t always good advice.

Kayla is a pessimistic teenager who is constantly putting down others and pretending like she doesn’t care when she truly does. She’s also Percy’s daughter and Percy has been trying to build a relationship with her.

Timmy tries to take more responsibility now that there’s no help from corporate and has trouble handling the costs of the place initially. Eliza decides to give her relationship with her ex-husband, Aaron another go for the sake of their daughter, much to Timmy’s disappointment.

As Timmy is trying to be more responsible, Percy is feeling neglected by his best friend. He’s even pushed to give Timmy an eviction notice because he’s behind on his rent.

Eliza does her best to rekindle things with Aaron but while he’s making the effort, she slowly realizes that they’re not exactly the solid match they used to be. Meanwhile, Timmy is trying to move on from Eliza with help from Percy and the others.

Percy and Kayla get closer while trying to help Timmy. Hannah and Carlos help each other accept their worth and go after what they want in life with Hannah applying for community college while Carlos applies to film school.

When the girl who Aaron cheated with shows up at the store, Eliza has a breakdown and Timmy decides to show her a fun time and make her forget all about her troubles. Timmy also starts going out with Lena, who’s the daughter of the person who owns the next-door sporting goods store.

Timmy and Lena are going along well but Eliza is having trouble with Aaron and Timmy shows that he still has some unresolved feelings for Eliza but doesn’t let it show.

Eliza is inspired by the time that Timmy showed her and applies for another job. Timmy is sad to see her go but cares for her and helps in any way he can. Eliza doesn’t get the job and almost burns bridges with Timmy but they make up in the end.

Blockbuster (2022) ending explained in detail:

What does Timmy plan for the holidays?

Timmy decides to have specialized events at Blockbuster for the holidays and he starts by hosting a meet and greet with a former child star of a beloved Christmas movie.

Unfortunately for him, the former star known as Timmy is not the same lovable person he was as a child and ends up getting drunk at the event.

Despite selling out and drawing in a big crowd, Timmy is forced to hand out refunds thanks to Stevie’s behaviour.

What happens to Carlos?

Carlos was only studying accounting to fulfil his parents’ dreams but when Hannah convinces him to go for what he truly wants, he quits accounting and applies to film school.

He ultimately gets rejected and feels down on himself but a very drunk Stevie tells him that Hollywood is filled with rejection and no one gets it right on the first try so he shouldn’t be so down in the dumps.

What does Aaron plan for the night?

Aaron decides to repropose to Eliza at the Blockbuster and asks for Hannah’s help. She sets up a camera and Aaron hires a singing trio to serenade the proposal.

When Eliza is having a tough time, she goes to the backroom and finds the singers and Aaron. Aaron proposes but Eliza says no because they have too many issues and she has feelings for someone else, which Aaron guesses that it is Timmy.

What happens between Lena and Timmy?

Timmy is feeling bad because his decision to call Stevie backfired and he goes to the bar for a drink with Lena. She comforts him and Timmy ends up in a good mood.

Eliza goes to find Timmy and when she sees how well he’s doing with Lena, she gets dejected after which Aaron proposes to her.

Just as Aaron is getting down on his knee, Timmy sees what’s going on and walks away. When he sees Lena outside, he calls her Eliza by mistake and she ends things right there.

What happens to the store?

There’s a solar storm projected to wipe out the internet and most other electronics. Once that happens, people flood Blockbuster because it is the only place where people can rent physical copies of movies.

While things seem promising at the beginning, it slowly devolves into chaos as parents fight for movies which will occupy their children and even Stevie gets into a shoving match with Percy because he’s drunk and Percy brings up some tough memories.

Throughout all this, Eliza tries to tell Timmy that she has feelings for him but she can’t because a riot breaks out and by the end of it, the store is in a mess and Timmy has finally given up on trying to keep the business alive.

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