The Last Word: Netflix’s latest series on Coping with Death

Netflix has announced the release of its latest dramedy series, ‘The Last Word’. Centering on the themes of dealing with loss and grief, the series is set to premiere on September 17.

‘The Last Word’, is a German Netflix original and features Anke Engelke and Thorsten Merten in pivotal roles. In the story, Engelke plays Karla Fazius, a married woman whose world suddenly changes after the sudden death of her husband. Initially unable to accept the eventuality, the news of the death comes as a major psychological and emotional shock to her.

However, over the course of 6 episodes, Fazius undergoes a mental transformation. After a prolonged pause caused by longing and mourning, she decides to become a eulogist. Having personally known the difficulty of accepting the death of a loved one, she makes up her mind to be a funeral speaker.

Pairing up with an owner of a funeral home, Andreas Borowski (played by Thorsten Merten), she decides to assist other mourners who have lost a loved one and ease up their lives that have been riddled with sorrow, pain and grief.

In accompanying them individually on their paths to bid a final farewell, she motivates them that Death does not have the final word and there is a life for them after this. And this forms the crux of ‘The Last Word’.

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In each of the six stories that Fazius becomes a part of, she finds rekindled hope, sometimes through solemn mourning, sometimes through light comic moments. Reflecting all the experiences that add on to her own and her family’s emotional chaoticness, the show makers have introduced both elements of comedy and drama to make a personal experience, universally felt.

Ideated by Thorsten Merten, ‘The Last Word’ will be directed by Aron Lehmann and Pola Beck. The series has been produced by PANTALEON Films and executively produced by Daniel Sonnabend and Dan Maag.

Other important names of the cast of the show include Nina Gummich, Johannes Zeiler, Aaron Hilmer, Claudia Geisler-Bading, Gudrun Ritter and Juri Winkler.

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