Million Dollar Beach House: Selling seasides on Netflix’s next

Streaming Platform Netflix announced its latest reality series ‘Million Dollar Beach House’, where 5 competitive agents will try to meet deadlines by selling Hampton beach houses to their clients.

‘Million Dollar Beach House’ revolves around the lives of five young and professional real estate agents, who are in a bid to sell lavish upmarket seaside bungalows to their clients. As visible from the trailer, brokerage is not an easy task when you have competitive colleagues and a deadline to meet.

In a fixed tenure between Memorial Day and Labour Day, these 5 professionals compete amongst themselves to sell beach properties and gain listings on the Hamptons Real Estate Market. The beaches and hamlets of Hamptons are known for being a popular vacation destination in summer for the American elites.

As evident from the official trailer, these brokers not only face professional, but also personal drama in the process to sell off these posh, fully-functional bungalows. Skirmishes between colleagues, parties with friends, rejections and approvals from clients, all add up to the lives of the five real estate agents of Nest Seekers International.

At the end of the day, the stakes are high. As the trailer reveals, the brokers ideally could break one million dollars in commission. Will the million dollar beach house be sold? Will the agents be successful in the competition?

‘Million Dollar Beach House’ premieres on Netflix on August 26. Check out its official trailer here:

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