The Great Heist: 1994’s Columbian robbery brought to life by Netflix

Netflix has announced that it will be releasing a Colombian original series, The Great Heist, on its platform on August 14.

Originally titled El Robo Del Siglo, the web series is based on true events and has been described as follows:

Inspired by the true events, The Great Heist follows the assault on the Bank of the Republic, also known as “The robbery of the century” perpetrated in October 1994. A band of thieves stole US $33million and put the whole country upside down.

The cast of The Great Heist includes Andres Parra, Christian Tappan, Marcela Benjumea, Waldo Urrego, Paula Castaño, Juan Sebastian Calero, Rodrigo Jerez, Juan Pablo Barragan and Ramses Ramos.

The series has been directed by Camilo Prince, Pablo Gonzalez and Laura Mora.

You can catch the announcement right here:

Netflix has recently been investing in foreign language content after receiving popularity for their originals like Money Heist and Fauda.

Besides The Great Heist, the streaming giant recently announced Whispers and a season 3 of their German hit Dark.

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