Spriggan: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Spriggan is an animated action-packed series that follows Yuu Ominae, a secret agent working for an organization trying to hide away the secrets of an ancient civilization.

Release date

The six-episode series will begin streaming on Netflix on Saturday, June 18.

Cast and creators

  • Chiaki Kobayashi
  • Mariya Ise
  • Kenji Hamada
  • Yohei Azakami

Directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi

Animated by Shuhei Handa

Written by Hiroshi Seko

Based on manga by Ryoji Minagawa and Hiroshi Takashige


“An ancient civilization’s relics on Earth hold dangerous powers — it’s up to ARCAM Corporation’s Spriggan agents to keep them out of the wrong hands.”

Other details

Spriggan is based on a Japanese manga series written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa whose eleven volumes were published in Shogakukan’s shonen manga magazines Weekly Shonen Sunday and Shonen Sunday Zokan from 1989 to 1996. 

Not the first adaptation of the Spriggan manga series, the series is preceded by a film of the same name released in 1998, which was directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki who worked on the animation for Akira and Ghost in the Shell.  

Handled by Taisei Iwasaki, the opening theme of the series will be ‘Seeking the Truth’, the work of American singer Yahzarah, while ‘Ancient Creations’ by Japanese hip-hop artist Shing02 will play at the end of each episode.


As technology advances, making it easier to unearth the hidden secrets of an ancient civilization, the great nations of the world find themselves competing for power. A member of this advanced civilization long gone, inscribes the message ‘Protect our relics from evil-doers’ into a plate.

With elite secret agents called Strikers or, more commonly, Spriggan, one organization takes it upon itself to protect the civilization and the knowledge it possesses by sealing it away from the evil ravenous eyes of the world.

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