Singletown: HBO Max’s latest dating show to stream soon

HBO Max has released the official trailer for its newest dating series, ‘Singletown’. Featuring five couples, the show will stream on HBO Max from August 20.

Fully unscripted, ‘Singletown’ revolves around five couples who are split from each other and deemed single in the current dating scenario of London. The social experiment will place these 10 individuals in a spot to evaluate themselves, their relationship and their feelings invested in the relationship.

Each of these people would be placed where their neighbours will be their exes. Throughout the course of the summer, these individuals interact with old and new people, go on dates and parties and at the end of each week, reunite to decide whether this ride has been favourable for them.

Whether they decide to reunite as a couple or whether they wish to remain single, according to the trailer of ‘Singletown’, the lives are to change. And so is evident from the clips of frustration, confrontation and crying as the individuals journey through the summer with the show.

Although the cast is inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community, the main content of the show has gathered a general dislike amongst netizens. Following the trailer release on YouTube, some comments have taken a sarcastic dig at the show, calling it “totally healthy” while some have shown face-on disdain regarding.

The show is all set to stream on HBO Max and has been presented by Emily Atack and Joel Dommett.

Check out the official trailer for ‘Singletown‘ here:

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