“It’s a rare script that’s an absolute slam dunk”: Jennifer Lawrence on Don’t Look Up

The launch of the much-anticipated Netflix film ‘Don’t Look Up’ is just around the corner. The film boasts a stellar cast, with names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep all part of it.

DiCaprio and Lawrence play two low-level astronomers who attempt to warn humanity of an approaching asteroid that will destroy the planet, but struggle to be taken seriously.

Sharing her experience of playing her character and what drew her towards the script, Lawrence said:

“It’s pretty rare to read a script that’s just an absolute slam dunk. I just flipped through it and was like, when do we start? Let’s go. I’ve always wanted to work with Adam. He’s the perfect person to be able to tell a story like this; to bring humor and satire to such a troubling and honest problem, really the biggest problem facing humanity.

“It’s a job that only he could’ve pulled off. Kate’s a truth teller. So when she tries to tell this news to the rest of the world and is met with resistance, or just complete and utter disbelief, it’s really upsetting. You can really see the way she gets a hard look at life in the public and on social media”.

Directed and written by Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up was released in select theatres on December 10. The Netflix premiere date is December 24.

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