Russell Peters Deported: Canadian comedian visits Motherland

Fans of Russell Peters can rejoice as Amazon Prime Video has released a trailer for Rusell’s upcoming Prime special.

The 40-second clip shows the Indo-Canadian comedian in all his glory as he talks about his nose making Amazon orders, doctor visits and more.

The special, filmed in Mumbai, is Amazon’s new year gift to Indian audiences both online and offline. As his official website puts it:

After over 300 shows across more than 30 countries over 18 months with The Deported World Tour, Russell’s new special RUSSELL PETERS DEPORTED will drop WORLDWIDE on Amazon Prime Video on JANUARY 17TH, 2020 After 30 years of making fun of his Indian peeps, Russell decided to go back to the Motherland and filmed this live over two SOLD-OUT nights at The NSCI Stadium in Mumbai.

The veteran comedian is known for his funny digs at Indian audiences including accents, methods and the like. Now that he’s performed on ground zero, we imagine his jokes will be centred internationally with his signature line “Somebody gonna get hurt real bad” hopefully thrown in for good measure.

Russell Peters: Deported comes to Amazon Prime video on 17th January 2020. Prepare to laugh your heads off.

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