Overtime: Two Indian IT employees battle alien invasion

YouTube India’s successful channel Just Human Things (JHT) has released the trailer for their upcoming comedy/thriller web series Overtime.

The aptly-titled show revolves around an alien invasion set in India and how two stranded IT employees (a manager and her intern) deal with everything that follows.

While the show seems to be led by Rojini Chakraborty (Ramya Saxena) and Harsh Mayar (Manoj Bharadwaj), it also stars Ahsaas Channa in a pivotal role, who is known in the digital world for her roles in shows like Kota Factory and Hostel Daze.

The trailer promises lots of comedic moments amidst the thrilling problem as an anti-alien/zombie team is seen building up.

Overtime has been created by Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan and Sidhanta Mathur.

The official description of the web series reads:

“What would happen if aliens took over the world? Movies tell you to be heroes. But for IT employee Ramya and her intern Manoj, being stuck together is enough trouble as it is. Overtime deals with two IT employees as they face everyday problems during an alien invasion.”

Overtime is all set to release its first episode on January 29, 2020. You can catch the trailer here:

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