Netflix’s ‘Lenox Hill’ back with COVID pandemic special episode

Famous Netflix original Lenox Hill is back with a special episode on COVID pandemic. After 8 episodes of season 1, this special episode will throw light on the personal and professional challenges that the doctors of Lenox Hill Hospital face in the pandemic.

Lenox Hill is a Netflix documentary series that portrays the life inside Lenox Hill Hospital, through the eyes of four doctors, John Boockvar and David Langer, both of Neurosurgery, Mirtha Macri, Emergency Physician, and Amanda Little Richardson, Chief OB-GYN. It was released on June 10 and garnered positive reviews.

In the wake of COVID-19, the role of doctors, nurses, support staff and other frontline workers have become paramount. Living up to its tagline, ‘Some Heroes Wear White Capes’, the new episode will reveal how the pandemic has affected the personal as well as the life inside the hospital.

According to the trailer, the audience will be able to witness the amount of anxiety the doctors are going through, balancing the responsibility of saving as well as protecting lives amidst this pandemic. Completely unscripted, the tensions and emotions of the doctors and patients alike have been captured on the episode, real and unaltered.

How did an unscripted shoot take place in a hospital in the midst of a pandemic? One of the show creators, Adi Barash, ventured out with a camera and audio equipment, alone, for 33 days, in the initial phase of the pandemic. Following the rules of social distancing and periodic sanitisation of his filming equipment, he managed to shoot the remarkable episode that shows the relentless resilience of the doctors.

He also made it a point that after reaching home, he completely sanitised himself and his clothes so that his partner, and show co-creator, Ruthie Shatz is not exposed to any risks.

Although the pandemic is far from over, the world is trying to recover, slow and steady. The entertainment industry is one of the worst-hit sectors. All over the world, work has resumed with slow yet cautious measures to keep the actors as well as the production unit safe.

Back home in India, Maharashtra Govt. has allowed shoots to resume. The prolonged lockdown was inevitable, and Netflix India’s new release, Home Stories takes us on an enjoyable ride to various emotions of quarantine life.

Check out the official trailer for the Covid-19 special episode of Lenox Hill here:

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