Nobody Knows I’m Here: Beautiful drama coming soon on Netflix

Netflix is all set to stream a beautiful drama film, Nobody Knows I’m Here, about a former child singer on June 24.

Nobody Knows I'm Here: Beautiful drama coming soon on Netflix 1
Source: Netflix YouTube

The plot centres on the life of Memo Garrido (Jorge Garcia), a former-child single living in a neighbourhood all by himself.

Garrido is a lonely man, dwelling on his harsh past until a woman comes into his life and patiently hears him out.

The official synopsis reads:

The life of Memo Garrido, a lonely former child singer changes forever with the arrival of Marta, who forces him to face his past, giving him an opportunity for redemption.

The trailer features Garrido, as a child, and his father being manipulated into using the former’s beautiful voice.

Nobody Knows I’m here, directed by Gaspar Antillo, scrutinises the society’s outlook by highlighting the fact that producers couldn’t look past the child’s appearance even with a voice like that of a nightingale’s.

Watch the trailer below:

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