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Eleven’s backstory revisited in Stranger Things 4 teaser

Netflix has released a new teaser for Stranger Things season 4 centering on Eleven’s life before the start of the series.

The teaser begins with clips of children at the Hawkins National Laboratory ‘Rainbow Room’, a playroom used for testing children to harness their supernatural abilities. There’s also a hint of how the children at the lab are assigned their numbers.

A younger Dr. Brenner enters the room and says: “Good Morning children,” who reply with a synchronised “Good morning, papa”.

The camera then pans to Eleven, as Brenner asks her: “Eleven, are you listening?” This leaves her distressed as she pants heavily.

The teaser could be an indication that the upcoming season will involve incidents from the past; Eleven’s past at the Hawkins Lab, especially.

Here’s the full teaser:

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