Drifting Home: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

Drifting Home is an anime film about two childhood best friends who go to explore a housing complex but get caught up in its mysteries and end up in an ocean with no way home. 

Release date

Drifting Home is set to release on Netflix on September 16, 2022. 

Cast and creators

  • Daiki Yamashita
  • Kana Hanazawa 
  • Inori Minase 
  • Ayumu Murase

Directed by Hiroyasu Ishida

Written by Hiroyasu Ishida, Hayashi Mori, and Minaka Sakamoto


“Raised like brother and sister, Kosuke and Natsume have been friends since childhood, but their relationship begins to strain in sixth grade after Kosuke’s grandfather Yasutsugu passes away. One day during their summer vacation, Kosuke and his classmates sneak into an apartment complex that is scheduled to be demolished and rumored to be haunted. Both Kosuke and Natsume grew up there, so the place holds a lot of memories for them.

“There, Kosuke stumbles into Natsume and is asked if he knows about the mysterious Noppo. But suddenly, they get caught up in a mysterious phenomenon. When they regain consciousness, they see a vast ocean before them. As the apartment complex drifts in a mysterious sea with Kosuke and the others on board, they band together to try and survive. There are tears and fights, and maybe even reconciliation. Will they be able to return to their previous world? A summer farewell journey begins.”

Other details

Drifting Home is the third feature-length anime film from Studio Colorido. They had received worldwide praise for their previous two films, ‘Penguin Highway’ and ‘A Whisker Away’. 


Kosuke and Natsume are enjoying their summers and decide to explore an apartment complex that is going to be demolished. They end up in a vast ocean with no help or land in sight. The children decide to have fun and are seen swimming and fishing. However, this doesn’t last long when a mysterious boy suddenly appears in the complex. 

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