Deaf U: Watch deaf students navigate college in Netflix’s latest

College is a lot to handle in Netflix’s latest docuseries. The streaming platform dropped the trailer for Deaf U, an upcoming unscripted documentary revolving around the students of Gallaudet University, as they share their experiences as members of the Deaf community.

The project is executive-produced by Dancing With the Stars winner and deaf advocate Nyle DiMarco, and is set to premiere on October 9.

The official description of Deaf U reads:

“In this reality series, a tight-knit group of Deaf and hard of hearing students share their experience and explore life at Gallaudet University.”

Gallaudet University is a private university for the Deaf and hard of hearing students with “700 women and 300 guys, and the women here are just wow!” In the trailer, we get to see how the students navigate college and the everyday concerns ranging from the latest gossip, a receding Deaf culture to finding oneself.

The trailer crafts an experience that is specific and yet universal at the same time. The students are shown battling loneliness, anxiety, and social pressures. In one scene a woman is berated by her friend for mouthing words to him instead of using ASL (American Sign Language). She then asides, “Am I not Deaf enough?”.

While raising important questions about the Deaf culture and offering an inside look into the struggles faced by the community, the trailer at large promises a heartwarming experience, which is exactly what we need.

Check out the trailer for Deaf U below:

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