Brochara: Dice Media’s new series on friendship

Pocket Aces’ Dice Media is back with another original series titled “Brochara”. Translating to brotherhood, the trailer shows 4 male friends living regular lives and dealing with everyday problems.

Be it personal relationship problems or professional ones, they have each other’s back. Pouring their hearts out to each other over regular drinking sessions, the brotherly bonding is greatly hinted at in the trailer.

The interesting part is that the viewers would be able to relate to most of the situations depicted. Be it meeting an ex-girlfriend, not getting a promotion at work or making a long-distance relationship work.

Co-founder of Pocket Aces, Aditi Shrivastava said: “Until now, Pocket Aces has majorly focused on women-centric storylines with ‘Adulting’ and ‘Home Sweet Office’, but with ‘Brochara’, we are entering the domain of male friendships and its dynamics.

“We are very excited about this! Our endeavor has always been to continually evolve our content and give something fresh and relatable to our entire millennial audience. With Brochara, we are hoping to get the same love and reception that our previous shows have received so far.”

It stars Amey Wagh, Dhruv Sehgal, Varun Tewari and Sayandeep Sengupta in the lead. It is a five-episode series with each episode streaming every five days on Dice Media’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Brochara will premier on 5 December 2019 and has been directed by Simarpreet Singh and written by Himanshu Chouhan and Girish Jotwani.

Check out the trailer below:

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