5 web series to cure your Holi hangover

Holi is gone, but are you already missing playing with colours, or laughing with your friends over a glass of bhang; can you still hear the splashes of water balloons?

For some of us, it is time to get back to work. What is there to look forward to when, with the end of Holi, your excuse to go out with friends has been done away with by the threat of Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 can force you to stay inside your house but it cannot keep you from being entertained. Here are some web series to help you deal with your Holi hangover while you also make plans to stay safe and healthy:

BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

Bojack Horseman is based on the life of a once-famous Hollywood star, who is now struggling with alcoholism and not being the best anymore. The show has an interesting take on a number of social issues and modern-day viewers find it relatable. This is one of those rare shows that make you laugh at bitter ironies and dark moments of life.

Inside Edge (Amazon Prime Video India)

It is almost impossible to have lived in India and not heard of off-field cricket stratagems.   Inside Edge is a show based on a T20 cricket franchise and everything that goes into the working of the team. It deals with the play of power that makes teams win or lose games before even stepping on the field.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)


If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy show then Brooklyn Nine-Nine is your thing. A team of detectives, working in a Brooklyn police precinct, solve cases together and manage their personal lives as well. The characterisation is excellent and one cannot help but fall in love with this team.

Ghoul (Netflix)

Not all of us like watching light and breezy shows, some of us like being on the edge of our seats while worrying about a ghost popping out of our screens; Ghoul is a web series that gives you a similar experience. At a military camp, an investigator must fight to survive when a prisoner unleashes a supernatural horror. Do not watch this show with your lights off.

Dark (Netflix)

Dark is a must-watch for all Sci-Fi lovers. In a German town, when a child goes missing, people are forced to unravel mysteries that are as old as the town itself. It is a mystery with many puzzles and twists, without a single dull moment.

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