Tribes of Europa ending explained: Fate of the Origines

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi web series ‘Tribes of Europa’ is streaming on Netflix. Set in 2074, the first season of the web series portrays the aftermath of the breaking of Europe into small tribes which battle for their survival.

The Orgines are a primitivistic tribe that dwell in the forests in harmony with nature. They hold on to the belief of their founding mother that ‘all life is one’. While hunting, the young Origine siblings Liv, Elja and Kiano witness the crash of a mysterious aircraft.

The youngest brother Elja finds the injured traveller of the aircraft and gains his trust. The traveller reveals to Elja that he is an Atlantian on the mission the return the Cube to the Ark. Being heavily injured, he hands Elja the responsibility to take the Cube safely forward.

The Crows, a tribe with their headquarters at Brahtok aim to establish dominance over Europa. They are responsible for the shooting down of the aircraft and are aware that the Cube is somewhere in the forest. Their leader Lord Varvara orders her henchmen to retrieve the cube, which she will use to assert her dominance.

The Crows attack the Origines and kidnap the entire tribe to enslave them at Brahtok. Elja runs away with the Cube. Liv, the elder sister, wakes up to find herself in the forest with crow member Grieta, while her family has been taken away.

Will the Crows get to the Cube? Or, will Elja be able to take it safely to the Ark?

‘Tribes of Europa’ ending explained in detail

Elja and Moses find the Ark

Elja has always kept his intentions of finding the Ark a secret and convinced Moses that he wishes to sell the Cube once it has been repaired. Bracker, their last hope for repairing the Cube, decides to keep the Cube for himself.

Elja is forced to reveal that his goal is to be led by the Cube to the Ark to save the world. Bracker is convinced that the boy’s intentions are respectable and hands him the Cube. Elja plans to make his run with the Cube, without informing Moses, who is still in Bracker’s laboratory.

Meanwhile, Crow members launch an attack on the laboratory threatening Bracker and Moses. Elja changes his mind, and uses the powers of the cube to save Moses, and together get in the truck to get away.

The Cube helps them navigate but runs out of battery when they are in front of a lake, only 500 metres from the location. After a brief moment of confusion, Elja throws the cube into the lake. To their satisfaction, a large transportation device emerges from underwater. Moses and Elja go inside.

Liv overcomes dilemma

Liv’s attempt to storm into Brahtok with the Crimson army led by David fails when Father Crimson finds out about the plan and suspends David. Then David is imprisoned and his execution is due. He devises a plan to poison Father to death, so that he can save his own life and go ahead with their mission.

The imprisoned David asks Liv to carry the poison and ensure that it’s supplanted on his Father. However, Father assures Liv that he will run an official negotiation with the Crows, giving them Crow member Grieta, and in return bring back Liv’s family.

Liv is convinced by Father’s plan and decides against killing him. In order to save David from execution, she provides David’s most favoured men in the army with the directions to a trapdoor, through which he can make his escape.

Firing breaks out during the negotiation outside the Crow headquarters at Brahtok. In no time, most of the Crimson soldiers are caught in the frenzy. Liv takes Grieta, who is lethally wounded, to a shelter. David finds her there but decides to let her go, as a token of respect for her mission.

Grieta doesn’t survive. When Liv looks around, she finds nothing but corpses. Suddenly, she hears a voice say: “Do you want to come with us and live?” She turns to find that it is a woman on a horse, who introduces herself as Alia from the Femen tribe. Liv joins her and they go away.

Kiano becomes a Crow

Kiano, who was enslaved at Brahtok, climbs his way to the top of the Crow hierarchy. Crow leader Lord Varvara is impressed and aroused by him. He passes the requirements to fight in the Boj, which is a deadly duel, where hostages fight one another to death, and the winner becomes a Crow member.

In his Boj, Kiano finds that his opponent is his father, Jakob. Jakob sacrifices himself, so that Kiano can rise to the top, and use his authority to reunite the rest of the family. Kiano is promoted as a Crow member and renamed Tarok.

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