I Care a Lot ending explained: Does Marla come out alive?

I Care a Lot on Netflix is an unnerving story of a cynical woman Marla Grayson, who finds an uncommon way of earning money until her ambitions lead her to the wrong doorstep.

Marla Grayson, played by Rosamund Pike, is the perfect bad woman whose only ambition is to become rich. She, along with her partner and assistant Fran, played by Eiza González, run a legal firm giving guardianship services to old people. 

Well, the more caring and selfless it sounds the more vicious it is. Grayson actually ties up with the local doctors with aged clients, who have no one to take care of, to issue a medical certificate declaring them as a patient suffering from dementia, when in some cases people are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. The doctor then moves to the court asking for a legal guardian.

That’s when Grayson steps in like a saviour and becomes the legal guardian of the concerned old person, which gives her complete authority over the person’s property, belongings, and wealth, thus, making her rich. 

Things take a dark turn when Grayson fraudulently targets Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), a rich woman with absolutely no family. As the story unfolds, we get to know that Peterson is the obtained identity of a girl who died many years ago. Peterson is not only wealthy, but rather possesses diamonds worth hundreds of dollars and Grayson gets her hands on them.

Peterson is actually the mother of a Russian mafia Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage) who dearly loves his mother and now has Marla Grayson on his hit list.

Lioness, as Grayson claims herself to be, refuses to bend down and jumps off this challenging cliff with full energy. Does she win? 

Well, let’s find out. Here’s the ending of I Care a Lot in detail:

Rising like a phoenix

After an inconclusive conversation with Lunyov, he orders his men to kill Grayson. Following their boss’ orders, they intoxicate Marla and put her back on her car’s driving seat with a liquor bottle and push her car down the road which would later fall into a lake, making it seems like a natural death. Lunyov’s men succeed in pulling this off, little do they know who they are dealing with. 

As soon as the car falls into the lake, Grayson gains back her consciousness and breaks free from the locked car. She walks down a couple of miles and reaches a gas station, where she tries to call Fran, but reaches her voice mail. 

She buys herself clean cloths and snack bars, and the shop owner calls her a cab and she reaches home only to find Fran half head with gas leaking into the house. She acts quickly and leaves the place as soon as possible taking Fran along with her. 

They both go to her another acquired property and plan their next move to defeat Lunyov.

Marla’s final Move

Marla, since the beginning of the movie, calls herself a lioness-a predator and she proves this with every step she takes to defeat Lunyov. 

While she was in the custody of Lunyov, she memorized his car’s nameplate number. Fran traces the address through that number and reaches Lunyov’s driver’s house. They follow the driver and finds out the place from where Lunyov operates. 

Grayson disguises herself and enters the building. She makes her way to the basement where the driver is waiting for Lunyov. She hunts down the driver and another accomplice of Lunyov with an electric taser gun and injects Lunyov with a tranquillizer.

Later, both the girls take the unconscious Lunyov to an isolated path amidst the forest and leave him there naked. Lunyov wakes up on the hospital bed with Marla by his side. 

She tells him that he is no longer Roman Lunyov, he is now known as John Doe and she, his legal guardian. 

The End of the war

After Lunyov regains consciousness, Marla asks him to pay her ten million dollars and she would release his mother and give him back the diamonds. She also promises they will never see each other again.

Instead, Lunyov proposes she be his business partner and commence a series of businesses to back the fraudulent business of ‘legal’ guardianship. She takes a leap of faith, agrees and releases Ms Peterson.

The next we see Marla Grayson is as a business tycoon and now on the Forbes 40 under 40 list, married to Fran. 

But as they say, what goes around comes around. Marla’s nemesis, whose mother she unlawfully abducted in the care facility, hunts her down as she comes gleaming in a white suit and shoots her in the chest. The film ends with Marla lying in her own pool of blood.

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