Thunder Force ending explained: Miscreants v/s Chicago

Comedy movie ‘Thunder Force’, which stars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer as superheroes, is now streaming on Netflix.

Back in March 1983, a massive pulse of interstellar cosmic rays hit the Earth, having dire consequences. The cosmic rays also triggered a genetic transformation in a few, those who had underlying sociopathic traits.

These genetic mutations provided individuals with amazing and deadly superpowers which they use to create terror in the city of Chicago. These nuisances are called Miscreants. Three Miscreants shown in the movie are The King, Laser and Crab.

In 1988, the Miscreants attacked a public train which led to the death of Emily Stanton’s (Spencer) parents, who were geneticists and were working on ways to stop the Miscreants. After their death, Emily made it her life’s goal to fulfil her parent’s dream. Her best friend Lydia is her confidant for the same.

Thunder Force ending explained in detail (Final 30 minuetes):

Lydia’s date

After a slight argument between Lydia and Emily regarding the public bus that the former threw, Lydia heads to a date with her opponent crab. They had felt a connection when they first met during the liquor store heist.

Lydia feels that she can trust him and wants to get insider information behind the real motive of The King’s party. The two come closer and the crab reveals that while he was on his honeymoon in Bermuda, he was bit by a genetically mutated crab and hence, he is a half-creant.

Crab also reveals to her that The King can never take defeat well and has planned to bomb the building with all those who didn’t vote for him.

The double-cross

Allie, Emily’s partner and guide through the mission double-crosses Thunder Force. While the two are out there to save thousands of people at the King’s party, Allie leads Laser directly to them. She has been paid off by The King.

Laser is in no mood for games and wants to kill them in cold blood. However, Tracy finds this out just in time and alerts them. She then calls security to take care of Allie.

Laser has got hold of the two and starts her cruel game but the Thunder Force push a dumpster on her and slide away to diffuse the bomb.

Meanwhile, Tracy is on her way to help the duo.

Bomb defusal

Thunder Force connects dots to locate the bomb which is planted at the Mayor’s campaign office. But the King and his miscreants have already reached there. A duel is set between Thunder force and Miscreants.

First the two deal with bullets, then Laser and finally the King in his Miscreant form. Meanwhile, Crab is in awe of Lydia.

Laser succeeds in cornering Emily and is going to kill her, just then Tracy comes in and saves her mom. The King is also planning a deadly attack on Lydia but Crab comes forward and interrupts him. The King breaks his claws and Lydia manages to throw the King of the window, somewhere far.

It is time to handle the main issue now- The Bomb. Crab leads them to the bomb but the two are shocked to see that there is not much time left to diffuse it. Tracy says that she has the speed and can run out of the city with the bomb. But obviously, her mom does not agree with that.

Lydia makes a decision to jump off into the river with the bomb as she thinks her body might be able to survive it. They have an emotional farewell and she jumps out the window.

There is a huge blast in the river, but wait, Lydia has managed to survive! Thunder Force has done it.

The Mayor asks the duo to officially work for the city, the King is in custody and Emily has fulfilled her parent’s dream. The cherry on the cake is that Lydia and Crab can spend time with each other and are on the same team.

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