Godzilla vs. Kong ending explained: Who wins the battle?

The fourth entry into Legendary Pictures’ ‘Monsterverse’ is here and pits both alpha titans — Godzilla and Kong — against each other in a battle for the ages.

The plot kicks off with Godzilla suddenly appearing and attacking a facility of Apex Cybernetics in Pensacola, Florida, making humans believe that he’s gone rogue. Simultaneously, Kong is being kept in a secure facility at Skull Island under the observation of the Titan intelligence organisation — Monarch.

Post Godzilla’s attack, the head of Apex, Walter Simmons, gets scientist Nathan Lind onboard to travel into the ‘Hollow Earth’ ecosystem, and recover an elusive energy source. He plans to use this power to create weapons that will act as deterrents against the Titans.

They decide to trigger Kong’s genetic memory and use him to lead the expedition into the core of the planet (Since his species is known to have originated from Hollow Earth). They initially start on a whim but are able to understand Kong and relay messages to him via Jia — the final Skull Island native and Kong expert Ilene Andrews’ adopted daughter.

Jia shares a special bond with the gigantic ape and communicates with him using sign language owing to her being deaf and dumb. Apex decides to take the aquatic route to transport Kong but Godzilla sees the presence of a rival in him and shows up for a fight.

The colossal lizard succeeds in defeating Kong but leaves without killing him when he senses victory. The crew switches to an aerial mode of transport and reach the Arctic where a tunnel to Hollow Earth is located. Kong accepts this new ecosystem and leads the crew into an ancient mountain which turns out to be a throne room of his ancestors.

The markings there prove that his species and the huge lizard species have had a brutal history of war. Kong also finds a battle axe made from another Godzilla’s dorsal fin and uses it to activate the elusive energy source within the core.

Godzilla ends up in Hong Kong and senses the activation of the energy deep within the earth. Enraged, he uses his atomic breath to blast a hole from the surface till the core. This makes Kong mad and he uses the resultant opening to climb up to the city and charges at Godzilla with his new weapon.

Which one of the two Titans stands supreme?

Here is the Godzilla vs. Kong ending explained in detail:

Conspiracy theory

While Apex and Monarch are working on their expedition, a Titan conspiracy theorist, Bernie Hayes, who works for the former believes that there has to be a pattern to Godzilla’s attacks. He is tracked down by Madison Russell —  daughter of Monarch scientists Mark and the late Emma Russell.

Madison, along with her friend Josh decides to infiltrate the attacked Apex facility in Florida with Bernie’s help, to figure out more clues. They, however, accidentally get stuck in a transport pod and end up in Hong Kong. The trio then chances upon a secret that puts all pieces of the puzzle in order.

Apex has a cybernetic version of Godzilla, known as Mechagodzilla, in their possession which is operated telepathically. The company also possesses the severed heads of Monster Zero aka King Ghidorah. Its three heads had the power to communicate with each other telepathically when it was alive.

Apex uses these neural abilities to control the machine but need the Hollow Earth energy source to fully power it.

The final bout

Godzilla’s appearance at Apex facilities isn’t a coincidence as every time Mechagodzilla was activated, he sensed threat and attacked. He appears in Hong Kong for the same reason but the Hollow Earth energy surge distracts him.

When Kong shows up, a skyscraper crumbling battle begins and initially Kong uses his axe to overpower his rival. However, Godzilla wakes up and dominates Kong, nearly killing him. Certifying his position as the undisputed king once again, he decides to leave and head back underwater.

However, a fiercer competitor awaits him.

A mechanical problem

Before everything falls apart, Apex manages to procure the energy source and power up Mechagodzilla. However, the surge proves to be too strong and the robot’s control is taken over by Ghidora’s conscience.

Hungry for blood and equipped with grade A weapons, the machine goes straight for Godzilla. Having been worn out because of his the previous fight, Godzilla is slowly beaten down while Kong lays on the floor dying.

Nathan remembers that the crafts they used to travel into the earth are highly powerful and may help revive Kong’s heart. He flies it over to his chest and releases a surge, awakening the ape. Jia then uses sign language to convince Kong that Godzilla isn’t his enemy and he rushes to assist him.

The duo finally manages to give Mechagodzilla a tough competition. Kong finds his axe and Godzilla charges it using his atomic breath. The ape then slashes his weapon and rips apart the killing machine with several deadly strikes.

Godzilla acknowledges Kong’s help and respectfully departs. Kong on the other hand permanently moves to Hollow Earth as its new king and signs to Jia that this ecosystem is his new home.

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