The Family Man season 2’s burning questions answered

Amazon Prime Video released the much-awaited season 2 of the action-drama series The Family Man that follows the story of a secret NIA officer who strives to maintain the balance between his personal and professional life.

Srikant Tiwari has surprisingly left his job as a TASC officer and has opted to work in the corporate sector at an IT company. Struggling to cope with the many pressures at work and home, he decides to join back for a new mission.

A deal between the leaders of two countries results in adding fuel to an old rebellious movement. The National security of India stands under the threat of a coalition attack by a past rival and foreign rioters.

To top it all, Srikant’s daughter falls into the trap set up to stop his investigation. The fast-paced series is filled with many thrilling sequences and turning events.

With season 1 leaving us hanging over many unanswered questions, season 2 of The Family Man covers most mysteries while narrating a new story with some new characters. While The Family Man still did not reveal what actually happened in Lonavala, we have covered all the other answers to your doubts about the nine-part web series.

What happened at Orion Chemicals in Delhi?

Season 1 of The Family Man ended at a cliffhanger where we see the terrorists hijacking the chemical factory followed by a gas leak. Officers Milind and Zoya are stuck inside in a shootout with the attackers.

In season 2, we see Srikant Tiwari remembering the past events where we come to know that he was able to send a backup team at Orion Chemicals. The disposal team disables the gas leaking outlets, and Delhi remains the same except for only a few people.

Zoya and Milind manage to save each other’s lives and move out of the factory in time. Both of them are alive but are traumatized by the events.

Why did Srikant leave TASC?

After the officers fail to stop the terrorist attack in season 1, the team of TASC tries to hide their loss by passing the blame on the owner of Orion Chemicals. They attempt to prove it as an accidental gas leak by a worker at the factory.

Srikant finds it hard to work with the burden of that loss and the lies to cover it up. Also, guilt-driven by innocent Kareem’s death and his leaked video makes him question his job, and he resigns from it.

To spend more time with his family, Srikant joins an IT firm to work as a low-profile employee.

What was the India-Sri Lanka deal?

The Indian Prime Minister Basu wanted to keep the Indian Ocean away from Chinese intervention by building a port in Sri Lanka. Rupatunga, the President of Sri Lanka, suggests a deal to her by sending one of the wanted leaders of the Sri Lankan Tamil rebel movement.

PM Basu gives this job to the TASC force to capture Subbu from Chennai and hand him over to Sri Lanka, who would allegedly kill him like all other rebels.

But the rebel leader is killed in Chennai in Indian custody in a bomb attack while the police were taking him to the court. Basu takes advantage of this and lets the Sri Lankan President assume it as an intentional act to sign the deal.

Who attacks in the Chennai court and why?

Major Sameer, one of the leaders of the Zulfiqar mission in The Family Man season 1, gets released from the prison and plans for another mission to attack in India. He takes advantage of the critical situation for Subbu’s brother Bhaskaran, who is the chief of the rebel movement.

He plans an attack on Subbu with Sajid’s help to provoke his brother and take revenge against the two country leaders at the time of signing the deal in Chennai. Sameer uses Bhaskaran’s rage to reignite the rebel movement with the help of soldiers.

To his advantage, the rebel chief agrees to join hands and form a coalition to plan an attack.

Who is Raji?

One of the new and important characters of The Family man season 2, Raji is one of the finest soldiers of the Tamil rebel movement, who had joined Bhaskaran when he saved her from the harassment by the Sri Lankan Army.

Her family was a victim of Sri Lankan Tamil mass killings by the government of Sri Lanka, to which she lost her father and younger brother. After being assaulted by the soldiers, she was rescued and trained in the rebel army as a fighter pilot.

When the movement temporarily gets called out, Raji starts working at a factory, triggered by facing sexual harassment every day, until one day Selva calls her to lead the mission in Chennai.

How does Dhriti come to know about Srikant’s real job?

Dhriti falls into the wrong hands of Kalyaan aka Salmaan, who works for the terrorist group. Sajid waits for the right moment to take advantage of their growing friendship and kidnap Dhriti to control Srikant.

Dhriti, unaware of Kalyan’s motive, falls into the trap and gets kidnapped. Thinking of it as a misunderstanding, she tells him that her father is a normal man and doesn’t have anything to do with any mission.

Kalyan then reveals that her father is a secret agent, because of whom she has been abducted. After rescuing her, Srikant also confesses his truth to her in the hospital.

Who is Chellam?

Chellam is the most intriguing and know-it-all character of season 2 of the web series. He is introduced as a retired agent who used to run missions in Sri Lanka during the civil war. He is a close friend of rebel chief Bhaskaran and had also once mentored the chief of RAW.

Without Chellam, Srikant wouldn’t have been able to go ahead with the investigation so quickly. He keeps offering his help to the NIA officers time and again, cautiously and secretively.

He assists in negotiating with Subbu by convincing his brother to talk to him. He also informs the officers about the location of the rebels’ safe houses and their new base set up. He swiftly appears in the picture to provide crucial information that impressively changes the direction of the investigation.

Will there be a season 3?

The Family Man season 2 ends by showing us some visuals of today’s India, which is fighting with the second wave of Covid-19. We see one man in Kolkata secretly exchanging messages with someone in the Chinese language.

He types that the people of India are distracted by the Pandemic and that now will be a great time to attack. He informs about a force called ‘Phoenix’ approaching Arunachal Pradesh from Nagaland in two days, after some approvals.

These glimpses of another plan tease the audience to wait and know what happens next. The Family Man is expected to have a season 3 that may focus on a new plan of attack during the Pandemic.

Now, the most important question tackled by Amazon Prime Video itself:

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