The Family Man season 3 has already been confirmed

Season 3 of popular Amazon Prime Video web series ‘The Family Man’ has been confirmed by director Raj Nidimoru, even before the release of the second season.

While season 2 has been shot and set to undergo the post-production stage, the next season is only being conceptualised at this point.

Considering the global impact of COVID-19, it’s possible that the new instalment of The Family Man will be set in a ‘post-COVID world’.

Elaborating on this, Nidimoru told Mid-Day:

“Part three is being conceptualised. The world will be different [when the pandemic ends]. Since we want season three to be relevant, we are trying to comprehend [plots that] would make sense in a post-COVID world. Different countries are behaving differently.

“If our show will be set in some of them, we ought to take cognisance of how they behave and manage [themselves], whether they emerge as leaders, or see economic growth.”

He added that the The Family Man season 2 still needs months of post-production work.

“It takes four months to complete processes like sound [mixing], music creation, and VFX work. Also, the show must be readied for airing in various countries, as will be the case with a web series. This involves processes like addition of subtitles,” he said.

Earlier, the makers hinted at a release period for the second season. However, these plans could be derailed due to lockdown restrictions.

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