The Family Man season 2 ending explained: Srikant’s new mission

Season two of The Family Man on Amazon Prime Video continues to follow the life of NIA officer Srikant Tiwari, who has decided to join the corporate world after failing to stop the previous terrorist attack in season one. The emergence of new threats on the country forces him to return to TASC.

Picking up after the end of season 1, the story of The Family Man Season 2 begins by introducing three Sri Lankan Tamil rebel leaders Deepan (Azhagam Perumal), Bhaskaran (Mime Gopi), and Subbu (Srikrishna Dayal), who had planned an attack a few years back. Their plan fails and they flee to India.

In the present day, the Indian PM (Seema Biswas) makes a deal to hand over one of the wanted leaders, Subbu, back to Sri Lanka and sends the TASC force on the mission. Srikant (Manoj Bajpayee) regrets his mistakes in the past, trying to work in the IT sector and spending more time with his family.

TASC officers find Subbu in Chennai, and Srikant offers outside help to capture him when he gets reluctant to go with them. After a failed attempt to attack in the past, Major Sameer (Darshan Kumar) comes out of prison, kills Ansari (Sunil Gupta) for his betrayal and plans Zulfiqar 2.0.

Sameer sends Sajid (Shahab Ali) on a mission to trigger a blast during Subbu’s hearing in Chennai. Bhaskaran quits the rebel movement in grief and joins hands with Sameer to take revenge for his brother’s death.

The show then introduces Raji (Samantha Akkineni), a rebel who currently works at a factory and faces harassment from her employer, Nandhaa. Traumatized by her past, she kills him when he tries to blackmail her and prepares to go on the mission.

The Family Man, Srikant finds it challenging to handle pressures both at home and office. His daughter Dhriti (Ashlesha Thakur) secretly meets a boy named Kalyan (Abhay Verma), who actually works for Sajid. After a heated argument with his wife, Suchi (Priya Mani), Sri decides to quit the corporate job and rejoin the TASC force.

Sameer and Bhaskaran buy a flying school to attack during the political meeting in Chennai. Sajid and Selva (Anandsami) brief the team about their plan. TASC officers suspect a terrorist attack on PM Basu, but she refuses to step back.

Police and NIA officers both attempt to find Raji, but she escapes. Sajid and Raji cross the borders with Jebaraj to bring explosive supplies. Raji kills Jebaraj on their return and goes to search for the detonator at his house. Srikant reaches there with his team and chases Raji when she tries to run away.

They keep her in custody and interrogate her to find out about their plan. Raji refuses to give any information, and Selva and Sajid attack the police station with the help of rebel supporters. They rescue Raji and takes her back to Tigris flying school.

Sameer permits Sajid to activate another plan that would stop Srikant and his team, and he orders Kalyan to kidnap Dhriti. Bhaskaran goes underground in France, and Deepan tries to find his location. Sajid builds a new detonator, helps Selva prepare the plane for an aircraft attack and leaves for Mumbai.

Srikant reaches Mumbai as Dhriti gets kidnapped. Sajid warns him to stay away from their mission. JK (Sharib Hashmi) and Muthu (Ravindra Vijay) reach the Tigris aviation base, and get involved in a shoutout with the rebels. Muthu manages to escape, but Raji shoots JK while he is running away.

Selva and Raji inform Sajid about shifting their base due to a police investigation. Sajid decides to kill Dhriti to teach a lesson to Srikant. What happens next?

The Family Man Season 2 ending explained in detail

Srikant rescues Dhriti

In the final episode of The Family Man season 2, Srikant and the police find Kalyan’s location and reach there. Meanwhile, Dhriti stabs and kills Kalyan attempting to run away, but Sajid reaches and stops her at the last moment.

Dhriti still manages to protect herself, and Sajid decides to run away as the police start approaching. Srikant rescues Dhriti and sends her to the hospital. He then traps Sajid with the help of the police and asks him to surrender.

He refuses to surrender and picks up the gun to shoot, but the police gun him down. Srikant confesses his real job to his daughter at the hospital and travels back to Chennai to continue the investigation.

The TASC agents in Chennai find traces of explosives in the flying school from where both the rebels and aircraft go missing.

Rebels set up a new base

Selva and Raji dismantle the plane and transport it in a truck when they get stopped at a checkpoint. Due to the absence of a permit for heavy equipment, they get denied any further movement.

Raji manages to deal with the checkpoint officer, and they all flee from there. Bhaskaran informs them about nearby Kicha farms with a stretch of road where they could set up their new base.

They reach there and ready the aircraft for the attack the next day. Selva prepares Raji for her flight mission, telling her that her one step will boost their movement and gain more support.

On the other hand, Deepan confirms Bhaskaran’s location to the Indian government and assures his confession. The police arrest him, and Deepan asks about his plan. But the chief of the movement swallows poison and kills himself.

TASC agents find out about JK’s location and admit him to the hospital.

The final encounter

On the day of the meeting in The Family Man season 2, PM Basu and President Rupatunga reach Chennai, and Kulkarni asks the agents to find and stop the attack. Muthu cracks the plan of transporting a dismantled aircraft in the truck.

Srikant and the team reach the same checkpoint and question the officer, who refuses to have any information. One of the local shopkeepers identifies Raji, and the officer gives the truck details.

Chellam informs Srikant about Kicha farms as a possible spot for rebels to set up base. He reaches the farm with other agents, where they get attacked by the rebels. Srikant gets into a fistfight with Selva, shoots him when he sees Raji running towards the plane.

Raji gets in the plane, chased by the officers in a jeep. They start firing at the aircraft, and it gets difficult for her to fly. Raji flies it anyway, but the NIA agents keep firing until the plane explodes mid-air.

The meeting ends successfully without interruption, and all the TASC officers get awarded with medals. Srikant tells about it to his wife and daughter at home. Suchi tries to talk to Srikant about something when the scene comes to an end.

In the last sequence, we see visuals of India battling Covid-19 after the second wave, when a mysterious guy exchanges code in the Chinese about planning an attack while the country is distracted. This small glimpse acts as a teaser for the third season of The Family Man.

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