The Crew ending explained: Does the team survive?

‘The Crew’ on Netflix is a sitcom set in the race car garage NASCAR. The show surrounds the members of NASCAR and the turn their life takes when they find themselves being led by a new boss. ‘The Crew’ is created by Jeff Lowell and stars Kevin James, Jillian Mueller and Freddie Stroma.

Bobby Spencer owned racing team ‘The Crew’ goes through a difficult time as their racer Jake (Stroma) fails to find any success in the ongoing championship. Catherine Spencer (Mueller), a hotshot Stanford graduate and daughter of owner Bobby Spencer, is appointed to head the team.

The core team members of crew are well-adjusted with one another and the happy-go-lucky work-style that they possess. With go-to mechanic Chuck, geeky but nervous chief engineer Amir, all-impressive and accommodative office manager Beth, dashing race car driver Jake, and enthusiastic crew chief Kevin Gibson, the team is quite a family.

As Catherine steps in as the new boss, she alters the schedule, installs cameras around the office, breaks off ties with their age-old sponsors and tries to fire employees for newer ones. She manages NASCAR with an iron-fist. However, the core characters of the NASCAR family find trouble in matching up to the new style. What’s in store for ‘The Crew’?

‘The Crew’ ending explained in detail:

Spencer retains old team

Moments after finding himself at odds with Catherine’s way of management, Kevin tries to convince Bobby Spencer in various ways to take her back. Bobby Spencer does find his daughter’s eeriness problematic, but lets it be as he concludes it to be beneficial for NASCAR.

Catherine is fully conscious that she is irked at by her co-workers. She goes further to finalise her promise made to Kevin: that she will fire him after the championship is over. Kevin, at a moment of frenzy, decides to let no emotions hold him back with NASCAR and applies for jobs in companies that are NASCAR’s main competitors.

Bobby Spencer, on accidentally learning about Kevin’s applications, rethinks the entire scheme. In a heated scene with all the team members present, Spencer fires Catherine.

While Catherine is broken-down because of her dismissal, the rest of the team is ecstatic and plan to celebrate.

Jake and Catherine reconcile

Right from the time of her appointment, Catherine tried constantly to replace race car driver Jake with the less-experienced but highly talented Jessie De La Cruz. After Catherine is dismissed from her position, Jake’s position as the prime racer is reaffirmed.

Jake and Catherine go on a car ride. They are playful with one another in their ride, and receive a warning from cops who see them over-speeding. They are detained at the police station, and in moments find intimacy in one another.

Catherine’s revelations

In a brief meeting with Kevin, Catherine reveals to him that she was not appointed by her father’s own will, but had insisted on joining NASCAR. She had done so because she felt that the company’s fate would be being sold, or sidestepped by the rising bigger companies.

That was the sole reason for her attempts at making the workings more efficient. She also reveals that she always knew that Jake was the better racer, but Jessie’s appointment to the company would benefit them monetarily.

Kevin understands the concerns and tries to implement some of the Catherine-style changes. He brings back Jessie, not as a replacement to Jake, but to lead the race truck department.

Kevin lets Beth go

Kevin’s relationship with office-manager Beth had always been amicable and loving. When Beth announces her marriage with Frank, Kevin is stirred internally, but doesn’t show his feelings.

Initially, Beth is disappointed about Kevin declaring that he would want to marry her and take her to New York with him, with little regard to her love for her workplace and co-workers. Later, when Frank apologises to Beth for his hastiness and promises that he will cancel his New York plans for her, Beth is impressed. Frank gets on a knee and gives Beth a wedding ring.

Kevin comes to terms with his feelings for Beth and invites her to a restaurant to let her know his feelings. He also tries the same outside her car, in the sidewalk. Both the times, Kevin is unable to articulate his feelings for her, and Beth shows excitement about her happily married future with Frank.

Kevin understands that Beth has found her love, and decides not to disclose his love to her. He bids her a warm goodbye as she drives away.

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