‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ ending explained: Does Davion triumph in his quest?

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ streaming on Netflix, is an anime series aimed at pulling together a narrative involving the characters of popular video-game DOTA 2.

The story is set in the age of creation. The Primordial mind is bifurcated into Radiant and Dire, two opposing forces engaged in constant rivalry representing the dual between thought and action.

Davion is a revered dragon slayer who is on the quest to slay dragons which pose the most fatal threat to his kind.

Mirana was the princess from the Nightsilver Woods, before she chose to give up on the position. She travels around with her assistant Marci. Mirana meets Davion in a tavern, where she also finds the lead to finding the magic lotus flowers that she has been looking for.

After an unsuccessful attempt at slaying a dragon, followed by a scuffle with burglars, Davion is rescued by Mirana. Mirana and Davion conclude that their paths are similar and plan on travelling together.

Will Davion and Mirana succeed in meeting their ends? Or will the lotus flower be retrieved by other forces?

‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ ending explained in detail:

Davion battles the dragon within

Experienced Dragon Knight Kaden reveals to Davion that he had been to a nest where he found Davion’s fang, and deduced that Davion was defeated. He advices Davion to not be embarrassed about his actions. The same night, Kaden tries to abduct Davion to use Davion’s experiences to further his own motives.

Mirana tries to help, but fails. Davion’s inner dragon reveals itself once again and uses its unlimited power to break free.

In the end, a fight breaks out in Nightsilver Woods, between the protesting elves and the followers of Mene. Davion tries to stop the fight, only to find himself entangled in it and heavily injured. A group of Dragon Knights rescues the injured Davion.

Fymryn tries liberating elves

As Fymryn the elf steals the magic flowers, Mirana spots her and tries to get hold of her. Fymryn makes her escape. Later in another chase, Mirana kills some of Fymryn’s companions, but misses her once again.

On Davion’s insistence, Fymryn joins him and Mirana on their journey. Mirana finds difficulty in bearing with her and is disappointed to see Davion give Fymryn all the attention. After Mirana insults her, Fymryn runs away to find the chest containing the magic flowers.

Fymryn reaches her tribe and supervises the deal that is capable of freeing the elves. At that point, a riot breaks out, not reaching a conclusion.

Mirana makes a deal with flowers

Luna compels Mirana to give her the flowers as a part of a deal, so she can use the flowers to revive their Goddess. After hesitation, Mirana agrees. The chest opens automatically after both sides have fairly confided with the set terms.

When their journey is over, Davion kisses Mirana goodbye and gives her the assurance that he will be there whenever the Princess requires a dragon slayer.

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